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    Will mistyping of name in SSC MTS form create a problem?

    Did you recently fill up the application for the Staff Selection Commission's Multi Tasking Staff vacancies? If you made an error in entering your name, know from the expert responses below whether it would create any problem & how to rectify the error.

    While filing my form for the Staff Selection Commission Multi Tasking Staff application, I mistyped my name. I put it as UDAY KUAMR instead of as UDAY KUMAR. Will this create any problem in any way? If yes, please advise what I should do.
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  • As it is a typing mistake and you might have uploaded your certificates in which your name is correctly spelt you need not worry about that. But it is always advisable to take a corrective action. If there is any provision for resubmitting the application you can do that. If there is any provision for editing your application you can follow that procedure. If those two chances are not there you can send an email or write a letter to them saying that you have wrongly typer your name and you have uploaded the correct certificate and request them to consider correcting it from their side.

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  • Generally in such online submission editing will not be possible once the form is finally submitted.

    You can send them an email mentioning your reference number and other details and request them to correct it at their end.

    You can do it later at the time of document verification also when you take your original testimonials with you. So there is nothing to worry as such typo mistakes happen sometimes.

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  • It is clearly understood that you have mistyped it. So it would be better to send an email regarding this matter to concern department. Daily visit the site and be updated. In online form submission, they will provide a chance to edit your data which are due to mistyped. At that type, you would be able to change or edit the correct name. The first letter of the name cannot be corrected there. So, do not worry and wait.

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  • According to your query if you have mis-typed in application, then it can be corrected. Suppose if the same mistake is done in your certificates then you need to change the name. That's a lengthy process. When you submit the SSC MTS application that time you need to submit xerox copy of Qualification Certificates, Proof of Identity (Pan Card, Aadhar Card, Voter ID etc.), Date of Birth Certificate, Passport Size Photographs, Category Certificate for the Reserved, Category Candidates, Proof of Residence. If all your these proof are having the correct name then at the time of verification you can get it changed or else write a letter to the committee about the mistake that's done attaching the documents that you have already given at the time of application. You can change it if your name is correct in original documents.

  • 1. No, there is no option left with you to change information, as it is clearly mentioned that the inforamation filled in the application form can only be changed before the payment of the fee.

    2. But you can mail the correction required along with the registration, name, date of birth, for the correction, if possible. Also, send a letter to the Regional Director of SSC of your region in this regard by Registered Post. Keep the receipt and carry it in the examination hall.

    3. In future, before final submission, please check the filled-up form very carefully.

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  • In online form submission it many times happens that we enter some wrong name or date of birth or any other incorrect data and by the time we realize it and want to correct, it is too late and it is already received at the other end and locked by the system for any editing.

    Such situations are common and let us not get perturbed by them. Presently what you can do is send a mail to them with a request to get it corrected. Along with the mail you send an attachment which is the scanned copy of some authentic document like an educational certificate or Aadhaar card which shows your correct name so that they get convinced with your request.

    In case you hear nothing from their side then get this correction done at the time of the document verification.

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  • It is quite possible that your name may be typed wrongly while engaging in the online submission. Even if one may try to correct the same, system may crash. The best way would be to send an email informing the authorities regarding the mistake in the name that occurred during the process of typing.
    You may get a response from their end in a very short interval. In the event of non - receipt of any communication, the same may be corrected during the process of verification of documents. You need to produce all the relevant certificates including Aadhar - card in support of your claim.

  • Such mistakes happen when candidates fill in the online applications. You cannot change it now once you have submitted the form. These is no major cause for concern as long as the error is not in date of birth or eligibility of cut off marks. Please verify that your actual certificates have you name corrected printed.

    The staff selection comission jobs attracts a huge number of application, hence it would not be possible for you to get it rectified quickly. You can send a mail with a soft copy of your application form and request for change of the mis-spelt name.

    If this is not possible, then draft a clear letter regarding the spelling mistake and the change to be done quoting your application number, attach a self attested copy of your application form and a copy of the Aadhaar card and the degree certificate that has your correct name.Please send this by registered post so that you can produce this as evidence it asked for.

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