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    Advice needed for dog attack

    Facing attacks from neighbourhood dogs? Searching for details of how to prevent such incidences? Find responses from experts for your questions.

    A pet dog from a neighbourhood building attacked and viciously bit my husband. It has earlier done the same to another lady in the vicinity. She was given assurances by the owners that they will keep the dog at a safe distance from people.

    However, The owners did nothing to prevent the incident inspite of knowing their dog is aggressive and will randomly attack whenever it wants to.
    And because of this attitude my husband was injured too.

    We have filed an FIR at the nearest police station. Kindly advise the best course of action to prevent any further incidents of this dog attacking and injuring others or maybe us again.
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  • From the police what is the response you got. Did they call your neighbour and enquirer? One option is to pursue with them and see that they will warn your neighbours not to leave the dog outside and they should control it when they are leaving it outside by being with it.
    Second option is to take up the issue with your neighbour along with the previous sufferer and see that they will not leave the dog out alone without accompanying it.
    The third option is to talk to your colony president or Secretary and inform him about the incidents that are harming you and the troubles you are facing with their pet. In turn he has to call them and talk to them and see that they will. Not leave the dog without their presence.

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  • It is rare but sometimes it happens that a pet becomes aggressive and starts attacking people without reason. In such cases, one primary thing is to pursue the case with police.

    Another thing is this can be tackled at society or local level by talking to the owner and convincing him to chain the pet inside their compounds.

    Another thing to ensure is that the pet owner is periodically giving the vaccine to their dog or not. That is an important matter as the affected person may require anti-rabies injections after he has been bitten by the dog.

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  • Filing a single FIR alone would not help much unless there is a serious injury. I hope your husband is treated appropriately.

    Now in such cases, it is the discussions between the owners of the dog and the resident families that would help a lot. If both the attacks are unprovoked, then find out the families living around you in the neighborhood, then check the ones with school going children and senior citizens who would be walking. Take help of local residential associations, walking groups, senior citizen groups etc. Such people, although not legal authorities will have a say in the social issues of the neighborhood.

    Arrange for a meeting with between the representatives of these families and the owners of the dog. Once you assertively take up the issue with others around you, then you can get a solution and a way forward, for instance, the dog to be kept on a dog leash when it is outside the compound.

    Insist about the dog's health and it's vaccination status.You can suggest the owners to have the dog assessed by a dog trainer who can find out why it's aggresive, can it be controlled.

    Have video recordings of the dog's unprovoked aggresive behaviour and you can tell the owners that you would submit it to the police station and encourage the other victim also to file a police compliant.

    If the situation escalates and you are not getting any response, then a group of you can meet the local municipal authority, corporator or the local MLA who can pressurize that safety is ensured. Each corporation has dog menace help line for stray dogs, contact them and step up the pressure.

    There are no stirct guidelines for such issues but a lot depends on what you and the neighborhood can do.

  • Dog - biting which your husband has faced due to negligent attitude of your neighbour is deplorable. You may take up the following steps in this regard.
    1) You may discuss the same with local Municipal- authority or the President of the housing - society so that there is no recurrence of such incident in the future.
    2) Since this relates to the safety - aspect of the personnels living in the near by area, a written assurance has to be procured from the owner and such copy must be available with the President of Housing - society.
    3) The owner must be responsible for the meeting of the expenditure involved in the dog - biting.
    4) You may insist to.the owner of the dog to have a consultation with a veterinary- doctor, who would examine the mental - status of the dog and a suitable treatment may be initiated for its aggressiveness. If needed, a suitable vaccination may be given to the dog for its healthy - maintenance. Also the affected man with the biting is not affected by rabies.
    5) The dog should not be left alone without being tied by a chain to protect the neighbours with the adequate safety - concern.

  • 1. My first advice would be for your husband. He must get himself treated properly and complete the entire course of anti-rabies vaccine.
    2. You have acted properly by lodging an FIR. The next step is for the local residents to collectively meet the local Municipal Counselor or concerned Municipal Authority and lodge written complaint against the neighbour.
    3. As I was myself bitten by a dog in my locality, I know that the so-called dog-lovers are creating lots of problem for the neighbours. Lack of space within the house, not training the dog, keeping the dog chained all the time or totally without chain, lack of physical exercise, not visiting the vet regularly and not giving appropriate diet to the pet dogs make the dogs violent.
    4. Whenever your family members and yourself go near the residence of the particular neighbour, keep a stick of appropriate size to prevent sudden attacks. If the dog attacks, push the stick in its mouth to prevent it from biting.

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