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    Job profile of DFO(Tele) and it's future opportunities

    confused about the future scope of DFO (Tele)? Looking out for advice about the promotions and other norms of this position? Scroll through this page for responses from experts.

    I want to know about the job profile of DFO(Tele). I know it is related to information gathering and technical job. But I want to know about the risk associated with this job? And is this job pure technical or it involves ground work as well?
    Are there any foreign postings as well?
    And is the senior field officer you become from DFO(Gd) is different from SFO you become from DFO( Tele)?
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  • Deputy field officer is in India's external agency research and analysis wing (RAW). It is an external intelligence agency of Indian government. The Engineer who operates or maintains all the telecom or wireless system in RAW is called DTO(tele). A graduate engineer in electronics and telecom engineering or allied stream is suitable for this post. More information can be obtained from

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  • DFO ( tele) is a sensible post attached to Research and Analysis wing often referred to as RAW. After being selected by a tough procedure, you are likely to be put in a training period comprising a year and in such session, you are expected to learn the the different technique involved in the job.
    DFO ( tele) is purely a technical job where he would operate all the wireless system in such a manner that it is not accessible to the RAW operating to other countries. Hence secrecy in the system is quite essential.
    You may have your foreign posting as per rules of the central - government.

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