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    How can I use whatsapp on my laptop/PC?

    Interested in using whatsapp on the laptop/ PC. Searching for the detailed procedure to do so? Find advice from experts on this page.

    How to install and use whatsapp in my computer and laptop?
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  • You follow the following:
    1.Download youwave from
    2. On your PC/Desktop Android window will open
    3. Select your system desktop as the path. Through this android OS will accept APK files.
    4. Click on View and then on online content. A small window with Whatsapp will open.
    5. Download the same.
    6. Again click on View and click two times on Whatsapp .
    7. You can start using like on your mobile.
    8. You require your mobile also with you.
    9. You have to give your mobile number also.

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  • You must be using a google chrome web browser and make sure that you are running the latest version of WhatsApp. If yes, then follow the following steps to use your WhatsApp on PC/computer:
    1. on your computer, go to chrome browser and head to HTTP:// and download WhatsApp setup from here.
    2. Wait for the download to finish and then Install it by going to download location and clicking on WhatsApp setup.
    3. Go to WhatsApp on your phone, go to settings and select WhatsApp web.
    4. Using the phone's camera, scan the code which will verify your account. The installation process is completed.

  • Do you have a whatsapp account on your phone? If yes, then go to whatsapp web and scan the code there.
    How to do that? Its simple.
    Go to on your pc or laptop. Tap the menu in Whatsapp and go to scan.
    Your phone camera will automatically scan the whatsapp QR code.
    You can then freely use your whatsapp on pc. You can't update your status though. Or call.
    You can just use it as a messenger.

    If you dont have a whatsapp account, download an Android simulator, namely Bluestacks.
    This will allow you to use any android app on pc or other media.
    Now download whatsapp apk and install it on your pc. This method can help you secure your account for a long time. Unlike the scanning method where you would need to scan the qr code everytime you cancel the tabs.

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  • Search whats app web on google on your pc and click on first link. After that open whats app in your phone. In the corner, above setting option there is an option of whats app web. Click on that option. Scan QR code will open and put your phone cemara to the exact front of the QR code which is open in your pc. Wait for scanning. After few second it connect your whats app and you can able to use it. Make sure internet is on in both pc and phone. Thats it! Now you can use whats app on your pc.

  • A simple procedure is written below for installing Whatsapp on your Windows Os and Mac Os of your PC/Laptop with step by step instructions.

    1. Download Android Emulator for PC called BlueStack App Player from
    2. Click the Download button
    3. While downloading make sure the Installation Drive has more than 2 GB free Space otherwise, you will be getting an error message - " Not enough disk space available. Blue-stacks requires 2GB free disk space . Please free up some space and try again".
    4. The installation process takes time nearly about 20 min.
    5. After installation, you will be getting screen like below,
    6. When your installation is complete then Open Blue-stacks and explore
    7 Goto My Apps -> System App -> Google Play -> type What app messenger
    8. When you click on install button then whats app messenger is installed on your PC/laptop.
    9 You can start using whats app on your PC as like on your mobile.
    10. You have to give your mobile number also.
    11. You can use any android application on your PC whatever you like .

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  • 1. Simply goto
    2. Open WhatsApp in your phone
    3. Click on the three dots on upper right corner
    4. Click on WhatsApp web
    5. Allow the QR code scanner to read the code displayed on the screen in website

    Now both phone and pc will be synchronised at a time.
    The WhatsApp in PC will make ease handling of the documents saving and editing.

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  • First, you will need an Emulator to run Android apps because APK cannot run directly since it doesn't support stand alone apps and games either in Windows or Mac.

    There are many emulators. However, you would want to read reviews and choose the best emulator that meets your computer configuration. I personally tried Bluestack, and Bluestack 2 but it lags. It takes a lot of time to start even in 4GB RAM PC with 100SST drive which is really a glitchy one.

    Go for NOX emulator since it offers amazing extra accessibility from taking a screen shots, recording game play videos, installing apk directly from your computer and PlayStore or App store of you preferred OS etc. Comparing to all other emulators, Nox is a very fast, slick Android emulator available for both windows PC and Mac computers. If you're planning to use Nox for gaming, and for installing apps like social networking apps from Facebook to WhatsApp, you'll be pleased to learn that you can use your favorite game pad and apps and you have the option of mapping keys or buttons to perform various Android gestures too which no other emulator offers such extras and accesibilities. The emulator is based on Android 4.4.2 and works or support in Mac and Win.

    Here is the Download Link [] to download. Once you download this file and installed on your PC, download the WhatsApp apk file from the NOX Google Play Store or if you have already downloaded the apk file then transfer it to your PC and install it manually.

    For manual instalation, rename the app file with an extention .apk and right click> Open with> NOX Player

    Hope that helps to run what's app in your PC.

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