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    Working in Axis Bank and planning for higher studies.

    Aspiring for higher studies? Looking out for various and good options in the banking sector? Check out this page for suggestions and advice to your queries.

    I have done post graduation diploma in banking services from Manipal University Bangalore and currently am working in Axis bank.
    I am thinking to do C.A. Would it be a better option? Since I am in retail banking and want to switch in other department such as taxation,audit etc.
    What do you suggest?
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  • As you are already working in a reputed bank you will be gaining experience in areas other than retail banking and with time you will be able to smoothly move from one type of work to another. Retail banking is one of the important areas in banking operations and crucial to an understanding before you move to other disciplines like Audit or Treasury or Loans and Advances or Taxation etc.

    If you are willing to enhance your qualification by joining a part-time course like CA or other financial modules or diplomas then it will be a good idea as that may help you in getting early elevation in the bank which of course will be subjected to the overall policy of the bank in this matter.

    Please remember that the key to success and early elevations lies in hard work and acquiring experience in all sort of jobs of your profession which in your case is banking and incidentally is a very big area to learn new things continuously.

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  • You are presently employed in a bank which is a reputed bank and the promotion chances are also good there. As mentioned by you-you are in retails banking. I feel you better continue in the job and once you put up experience you will have better future. Try to change to another department in the same back so that you will have experience in multiple areas.
    Regarding the improvement of qualification, it is a good thinking. But while working doing CA may be very tiring and time taking. So instead of CA why can't think of PG course in accounts, economics or any other related subject. Even MBA in finance will be a better option. Just think about that also and then take a decision. CA completion will take more time and you have to do a lot of hard work. MBA finance from a reputed Institute by correspondence course will also give you an edge over others for career growth.

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  • 1. Definitely doing C.A is a much better option for you. But you have to remember that the course needs complete devotion and hard labour. Furthermore, you are studying in a private sector bank, which may not have any fixed working hour. So, the study would require strong determination, patience and diligence. At the same time, you must not leave the job. Before the examination, you can take leave, but I would advise you not to quit the job, under any circumstance.

    2. Shifting to other divisions/sectors of the banking industry depends upon your inclination, your office's (in this case, Axis Bank's) policy and requirement of staff in other divisions. It does not depend upon your wish. However, you can pursue the matter with the Bank management persistently to shift to your preferred Branch/Division.

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  • Since you are an employee of a reputed bank and also you are gaining more experience. By properly doing your job you can get a promotion easily. If you want to do you can go for it. But it will take more time and hard work.
    You can also go for M.B.A in finance from a reputed institute with distance learning programme. I would suggest you that take your time to think. Think twice before moving to any decision.

  • Since you have joined in the Banking - industry and presently attached to the retail - banking, your exposure to the similar area will strengthen your promotion prospects in case your length of experience is substantial. The more the experience in your area, the more is the the chances of acclerated promotion.
    It would be certainly advantageous to add some qualifications relevant to your field.
    Aquistion of CA qualification would be time - consuming and apart from that you need to have expert - guidance either from the eminent professors or from the reputed institution so as clear the examination. To sum up, the rate of success of the aspirants is around 5 percent. So, you have to contemplate the other options benificial for your job. You may take up a Management - degree in Finance from distance - educational institution like IGNOU and in that way, you can persue your studies without having dislocation from your job.
    You may undertake a diploma in Retail - banking or advanced taxation also.
    You may make an enquiry from the personnel department of your bank and know the details how you multiply your chances of promotion. There are some departmental examinations in the bank and on clearance such tests, you would be eligible to higher promotion. To know the inner policy of the bank would be benificial for you.

  • There are many ways to continue higher studies nowadays but it is very difficulty to fetch a job. So, my advise is to continue your interested studies through either evening classes or through correspondence courses. I did my post graduation in commerce through Distance education and got my PG degree as well my Diploma in Labour law without leaving my job.
    You please approach the respective institution in person and discuss with the concerned authorities definitely they will help you.

  • I will not suggest you go to another field as you are already working be there. The higher study is the other thing and you can go for it. There are many other courses for taxation, audit goes for them. But do not leave your current job. To do C.A. is not very easy. And there is not 100% guarantee that you will become a CA. So, I will not advise you to do so.

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  • Hi,
    First I would like to congratulate you for your job in a well known bank. Banking sector is just an emerging industry in our country now. So, as a part of it you are already part of this sun rising sector. So, do your job perfectly by performing your duties in right way. Here you have the place for self development too as promotion and incentives for good work is available.
    It is not clear to me why you want to do C. A? It is completely stream change from your present job. Not only that, this course needs lots of time and hard work. As it is not possible because you are currently working in a private sector bank. So you don't have plenty of time to study. And if you do not work hard the result of C. A may not be well.
    So, do not think that I am discouraging you, but I will advice you to do your job properly. If you want to pursue your studies then you can do any banking or finance related diploma in distance mode which will help you in your job field. You can also do MBA in finance or retail banking related courses in correspondence mode as the classes are in the weekend holidays.

  • CA or ICWA is good option.
    MBA in finance or PG Diploma in finance is also good options.
    Many universities are offering these courses in part time/distance mode.
    While working you can do these courses and it will enhance your career prospects and also enhance promotion chances

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