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    Can I make a career in fashion after my BE degree in computer science?

    Aspiring to make a career in fashion designing? Looking out for which courses to opt for if from another domain? Find ample suggestions from experts here.

    I want to pursue my career as a fashion designer after completing my bachelor's degree in computer science. Is that possible? I have not done any courses yet but I have interest in creating design patterns on dresses and even stitching. I am confused about what to choose and what courses to take as iI can not go for another BE degree.
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  • The first and foremost thing in pursuit of our career is that we must understand that we should try to make our career in the area where we have interest and aptitude. This is very crucial as one can put best efforts in the work for which one is having passion. It is good that you are able to identify an area where you appear to be interested to work. There is nothing to shy or confuse and let all your creative energy and labour be channelized in that line to make it a successful career.

    Yours so far achieved academic credentials will be helpful to you in one way or another and do not worry thinking that all those efforts in acquiring an engineering degree will go as waste.

    Now coming to your query, you can do some diploma in fashion designing and learn the skills and subtleties of the subject before joining an organization where you can get to acquire on the hand's experience in this line. Generally, the diploma in fashion designing is for a one-year duration to prepare the candidates for entering into the industry or start a franchise or even a humble beginning of own business. If it is a PG diploma then it may be for two years also. There will be various subjects for specialization like Apparel designing, Jewellery designing, Leather designing, Fashion communication, Boutique management, Lifestyle accessories designing, Textile designing etc.

    Some of the institutes in India for a diploma in fashion designing are -
    1. MKSSS School of Fashion Technology, Narhe, Pune.
    2. Pearl Academy, Andheri East, Mumbai.
    3. Asian Academy of Film and Television, Noida, U.P.
    4. Indian Institute of Fashion Technology, Vijayanagar, Bangalore.
    5. Dream Zone, School of Creative Studies, Kukatpally, Hyderabad.
    6. Pearl Academy, Jaipur, Rajasthan.

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  • It is possible that you can have a career in the fashion technology. But your qualification is BE in Computer Science. You should note that the degree you are going to get and the line you are thinking is not on the same subject. If you want a job immediately after BE you have to join in computer science. But if you want to go for fashion technology, you have to acquire a qualification in that line. You can go for a degree or diploma in Fashion technology. There are many colleges and Institutes are offering these courses. You can get those details from internet. Then you complete that course and try for a job in fashion technology.
    Another option is to get a job in computer science field and while working in that area, you can do some diploma in fashion technology by correspondence course. You can even do the diploma on a part-time basis also. Once you complete this course you can try for a job in that area.

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  • Yes, you can surely go with fashion design. But you already have a degree in computer science. The field you want to opt and the field in which you have a degree are very different.
    You are eligible forM.F Tech course from the NIFT to pursue fashion designing course. The eligibility to appear for examination to get admission in course is a candidate must have passed degree from any recognised university.
    You can do M.B.A in fashion design or M.S.C in fashion design. But think twice before doing anything. One wrong decision can spoil your life.

  • Basically, you want to change the stream after spending four long years to study B.E/B.Tech in Computer Science. I would advise you not to take such a big decision impulsively. Think about all the pros and cons of the issue including the arrangement of finance for your new venture.

    So far as a career in fashion designing is concerned, I would like to know whether you have any family-member, relative, close friend who can help you in your new venture. Please remember that success in fashion designing requires creativity and also contacts at right places.

    As already stated, the main requirements for success in fashion designing are creativity and contacts. Even if we assume that you are very creative in this field, I would strongly advise you to enrol yourself in a medium-term/short-term course in fashion designing in NIFT or NSD or any other reputed institution to have basic ideas/concepts and to develop some contacts.

    Finally, I would reiterate to discuss the issue of making a career in fashion technology (at this stage) with your family members, trusted friends and relatives, before taking a final decision.

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  • To choose a career as per your desire should be your decision and in fact, your graduation in Computer- engineering does not have much relevance to this field. But when you think in a broad - way, your existing qualification has given you some important tools so as to lead a successful life. In the college - days, you have learnt some techniques to sort out problems in the domain of computers and in that way, your creativity skills has multiplied many- folds. Now the earlier technique learnt in the college days are to be applied in the fashion- technology.
    However, you need to have some specialisation in the area of Fashion - technology and a sound grasping of the basics required in this field would make your career successful. You can undertake a diploma from NIFT or a management degree in Fashion - technology from a renowned institution.
    Prior to taking up this profession, you should have a detailed discussion with your family and take them in confidence. In this area, you should have a lot of persuasive skills and an aptitude of making contact with the different people in order to promote your business.

  • Hi,
    First of all it is not cleared from your question that in which year of B. E course you are studying? Or why you want to change your stream?
    As you have chosen to do bachelor's degree in computer science in engineering field, then you must have some future plan in your mind. So now why you are taking such a big decision? Is it an impulsive decision? Then I will advice you to think twice before taking such a big decision.
    Now came to the real world. If you a passion for fashion designing then only go for it. If you are in the 1st or 2nd year of your present course then you can left it and get admission in fashion designing course. But if you are in 3rd or 4th year of your course then do not leave it. Because you can get a good job immediatly ending of your course.
    But if you go for fashion designing then you have to few years to study and most important thing is there is no as such job prospect if you pursue this course. A lots of creative ideas and skill in drawing is needed in this course.
    There are so many institution available in India where you can study fashion designing. There is an entrance exam if you try for N I F D. so, get admitted in any of the institution of your choice.
    As fashion designing demands a good amount of fees to study, so my suggestion is to study it through in correspondence course.
    In the meantime do any suitable job t at day time to earn money. And make money to bear the payment for your fashion designing course. But again I will say give it a second thought before you change your stream.

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