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    Steps to download one video from facebook

    Interested in downloading videos from facebook? searching for detailed step by step procedure? Here, on this page you can scroll through the responses from experts.

    Hi Team,

    I liked few video post on other group / friends in Facebook account. I watched those videos and I want to download them. Let me know the steps to download those videos by providing step by step process. I tried to find download option, but I found only save video/download link/copy download link options while I right click that video. But I didn't know where to download using that download copy link.
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  • Facebook is the most popular social network on the web. Every day millions of users all over the world use it to communicate and swap videos and music. The social network does not offer tools for downloading content from its pages directly.
    The download videos can be carried out using Helper.Install Helper by clicking on the site by downloading.Then a green arrow appears next to a video. Click on the arrow to choose the necessary format and download.
    You can Download videos from website directly. You can copy the link to the video to the input field at can click the "Download" button on the right. You will be asked to choose the format and quality of the video file to download.

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  • Following is a method with which you can download video with any software, it is called ninja trick.
    Step 1: login your facebook.
    Step 2: Go the page from which you want to download the video.
    Step 3: Find the video you want to download
    Step 4: change the URL from HTTP://www. To HTTP://m.
    Mobile view will open
    Step 5: save the video
    Or you can download the video from below mentioned way.
    Step 1: Go to the page from which you want to download.
    Step 2: copy URL of video
    Step 3: Go to the website and paste your URL
    Step 4: select format like normal, hd
    Step 5: press "download" button.

  • There are some apps which can be used to download videos from facebook. So first thing is to download one of these apps in your mobile phone from google play store or any other reputed site. Two of these apps which I have used are tubemate and HDV downloader.

    Once you download one of these apps you can open facebook inside it and then you will easily see the download button on the screen. Use it and save the video to your mobile.

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  • Facebook is nowadays very common medium to communicate with the social circle around us. Here we can share some videos which may be funny or may be educational or maybe on some social issues. We like them to appreciate it. But the main problem with these videos are that if you are not online or if you do not have net connection in your mobile then these are not available for you.
    But there is an easy solution for you. You can save all in your device. But how?
    There are several type of mobile applications available in Google Play store which are intended to download facebook videos in your smartphone. Just copy the URL of the facebook video and then copy it. Finally paste it in the app and then download it.
    If you are downloading it in your laptop open downvid. net and paste the URL of the desired video in the URL slot in that particular site. Then press the download button to start download it.

  • The simple and effective way to download Facebook video is given as follows.
    1. Copy the URL of the video
    2. Replace www. with m.
    3. Copy and paste the new URL into the browser and hit enter
    4. Play the video. While it is being played, right click on video and click 'Save Target as'
    5. Select the file location and you are done.

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