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    About Whatsapp reselling and get paid

    Have a query about whatsapp reselling with zero investment? Looking out for advice here? Find advice from experts and decide how to invest.

    It is a hot topic called Whatsapp reselling with zero investment. Share and earn program is trending now. It is completely new to me.
    How is the re seller paid?
    List out sites which offer reselling?
    Should we compulsory give bank details and is it safe for us or not?
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  • The manufacturer's of different categories like Apparels, Imitation Jewels, Household Utilities, etc.. require people to sell their products to reach a maximum sales target.Thus, they create us a business opportunity.
    Find out Manufacturers/Wholesalers
    1.Log into your Facebook account and enter the search term as "Resellers Welcome". You will find the list of manufacturers, wholesalers and Dealers for all the categories.
    2 – Choose the Product Category you wish to resell.
    3 Start your own Whatsapp groups with your own set of contacts as the group members.
    4.Once the customer likes the products, he/she approaches you to buy.
    5. The order can be forwarded to the respective manufacturer. The manufacturer will despatch the material to the customer on your behalf based on the availability of the stocks.
    6. You have to give the manufacturer all the details of the customer address for dispatching the material and your name and mobile number.
    7.Be clear about the payment terms. It is better to book the order of receiving payment.It is better to receive payment through PayTM.
    8.The product gets shipped using courier services.
    9. Ask your customer to inform once they receive the product.
    10. Disadvantages:
    1) There is no control over the despatch. This depends on the courier.
    2) Stocks may not be available.
    It is not advisable to give the bank details to anybody. So all transaction can be done through PayTM.

    always confident

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