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    Question about my placement opportunities

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    I am a first year engineering student from Pune. I actually scored just 7.23 CGPA in my 1 semester. Will this affect my placement opportunities and what is the CGPA that I should maintain for my future possibilities? It may be for the job or for my future master degree like MBA or MTEch? What are the conditions?
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  • Don't worry from now itself about future studies and placements. Now the first priority for you is to score maximum score. The CGPA you got is not a bad one. But you can improve it further. So concentrate on your studies. Once you are qualified in your B.Tech with the distinction you will have better opportunities for good placement. You have to attend GATE and get a good score there also to get a seat in a good college for your further studies. For good jobs in government undertakings and institutes, your GATE score is very important. So concentrate on the subject. DOn't worry and try your best. All the best to you.

    always confident

  • In this regard I wish to tell you that marks are and graduation is just the way to get in. I mean to say that any job vacancy will have eligible graduation they check whether your graduation for that post. But actually placement is always done by your ability test whether you can handle that job successfully. Its better you don't worry about the marks just do your best. In placement jobs they check your interview level and your IQ how much your capable for that job where your marks will not achieve you have to achieve by your confidence, general knowledge, quick answering skills. Always keep in mind that your marks are just to prove whether you have completed that subjects or no. Job placement should be done by yourself. So first complete your degree and apply for the job which suits your graduation or of your interest then achieve it with full confidence and personality development skills.

  • You need not worry unnecessarily for the CGPA score that you got this time. Even the present score is not that much bad but still a further improvement on that front is required so as to brighten your career. The only way to improve upon the same is to put consistent effort on your studies and a better grasp of the subject matter can help you to attain maximum CGPA
    A CGPA scale to the tune of 10 is achievable but for that you have to gear up yourself.
    As soon you pass out with a grand scoring , you should make an attempt to clear GA TE so that with a high scoring system of GATE, you can get admission in M.Tech in a coveted Engineering - college. If you wish to have a job in a Public Undertaking, you will be placed with two additional increments in pay - fitment structure provided you qualify the essential criterias required for this purpose.
    You can opt for the Management degree with the clearance of CAT so as to get a seat in IMM.
    Your planning must be matched by your hard labour in the direction you want to achieve.

  • No need to worry on your CGPA scores in 1st semester.Study hard and improve your CGPA in the coming semesters and get good CGPA by 6th semester.Study the subjects in detail to improve your basic knowledge and gain practical knowledge by doing practical experiments in lab.You need to have good basic knowledge to get and and survive in job.
    If you want to do M.E/M.Tech in future you have to appear GATE exam and get high score to get admission in IIT/NIT or other reputed colleges.Good knowledge in engineering basics is required for getting good score in GATE exam.

    If you want to do MBA you have to appear CAT exam.Please start preparing for it from third year of Engineering.

  • Do not worry about the score. This score is also a good enough. If you want to improve your score, it will be a added advantage. Today marks or scores are necessary to have just eligibility to appear in interview. But it is talent which makes your go through the interview.

    Dr. Paresh B. Gujarati.
    Mechanical Engineer.
    'I'mprovement always begins with 'I'.

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