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    Which is better B.Pharm or BSc?

    Confused between BPharm and BSc? wondering which has better scope? Find advice from experts on this page and decide which one is the best to choose.

    I am medical student. After 12th I did D.Pharma but now I am confused which career should I choose.
    Which course will help me in getting a government job? And what are the opportunities after BPharm. Please help me which course should I choose.
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  • You have completed D.Phrma. Both B.Pharm and B.Sc are having good prospectus based on your performance in the examinations. As already you have a diploma in Pharmacy, I suggest you go for B.Phram. This is 4 years course and it gives you a very good scope to get a job in various Pharmaceutical companies either in government or private companies. In government, there is a department called FDA. This agency has to certify the medicines and food items before they get released into the market. In thst particular organisation, there are many openings for Pharm graduates. So Chances are better for getting a job in the government sector is good. You can also join as a medical representative also.
    If you are interested in Teaching profession you can opt for B.Sc and after completing your B.Sc you have to go for B.Ed. Once you are qualified you can join as a teacher in any government school.
    If I have to take a call, my first preference will be B.Pharm.

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  • Both the qualifications are equally good but you have to decide your own priorities prior to taking up any specific course.
    While dealing with the benifits of B.Pharm, you will have to go through the detailed studies in Pharmocology where you will be taught the merits and demerits of each plant and how these herbs are extracted for medicinal - values by different Pharmectuals such as Glaxo, Dumex, Parke - Devis etc and you would have abundant oppurtunities to work with them.
    You can also work as Medical - representative by clearing the interviews conducted by the Pharmectuals. You can have job - oppurtunities in Research- wing of the central government where you will work as Food and Drug - inspectors .
    In case, you want to have an independent business with the establishment of a medical - shop, you can choose the same after obtaining a license from the state - government thereby you will be known as the Chemist and Druggist.
    You may opt for M.Pharm degree and later a doctorate degree can be achieved if you want to choose the teaching profession. By acquiring a post - graduate degree in Pharmocology, you may get a prestigious assignment in the Research- area.
    Now let us dwell on some of merits, which you can enjoy by acquring a B.Sc degree.
    There will be plenty of avenues in the job - fields - such as Banking Probationary officers rank in both Public and Private sector Banks, LIC probationary officers post, achieving IAS post and many more.
    You can opt for a Management degree from a prestigious institution like IMM in order that marabou a coveted post in a multinational company.
    The other area would be to continue your studies for M.Sc so as to join a college for Lecturership but for that you need to secure at least 55 percent marks and later a doctorate degree in your stream can be achieved for the further prospects in the government constituent college.
    Thus there are immense possibilities of advancement by choosing either of the stream. You are the ultimate boss in selection of your choice. However, one advice, choose the course of your passion.

  • You have completed your D.pharma, I will suggest you to go for B.pharma. Before deciding about the course you should know aim first. Then only decide what to opt. Firstly let's talk about B.pharma. It's a professional bachelor degree course which should be done from a reputed college. You can have job opportunities as Pharmacist, Drug Inspector, Medical underwriter,CRO, Production & Quality Assurance in Pharmacy companies. One amongst the most chosen courses in India is the Bachelor of Science course. It also provides numerous job opurtunites.

  • As per your qualification its better you go for B.pharma and even complete post graduation in this regard. Once you complete your graduation you will have openings for government jobs like professor,assistant professor where your eligible to teach pharma subjects and if your well versed then you can handle even bio technology,biomedical subjects where it include your subject. If your interested in teaching then you can apply for such category jobs.
    Other wise you can have search in various Posts of Pharmacist Vacancy like Pharmacist Technician, Pharmacist Assistant, Pharmacy Clerk, Pharmacy Dispenser, Pharmacy Supervisor Jobs, Pharmacy Intern, Pharmacy Technician Trainee Jobs, Pharmacy Manager, mail order Pharmacy, Registered Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacy Govt Jobs, Pharmacy IT Jobs, in Nursing Home Pharmacy Jobs, Pharmacy Administration Jobs, Locum Jobs, Oncology Pharmacists Jobs, Executive Posts, Psychiatric Pharmacist Vacancy govt Jobs, Virtual Pharmacy Jobs, and various other Pharmacy related Jobs which will be even government jobs if your keen in government jobs or else any private company can employ you for any above mentioned job vacancy.

  • You have already done D pharma which is a diploma course. B pharma and B.Sc. both are equivalent courses and degree courses. As you have done D pharma I will suggest you do B Pharma as there are good chances of the jobs in private sectors. If you want to go into government sector then I will suggest you do B.Sc. nursing which is a very good job oriented course and very demanding course. As per your condition, it is better for you to do B. Sc. nursing as you have already done D pharma and on the basis of this D pharma, you can apply for the licence of the medical shop. After B.Sc. nursing you would be able to get the job in any big hospital. So, you would be specialist in two fields and can earn your livelihood in both the fields.
    I will not recommend you do plan B.Sc. Make your aim what you want to be and then decide which would be better for you B pharma or BSc.

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  • You have both the options in your hand and B.Pharm is a degree after which you will have a job opportunity in drugs and pharmaceutical industry and it is related to medical and health areas. On the other hand, B.Sc is a very general and open degree and has very wide career branching in many lines like teaching, executive jobs, research, technical and scientific jobs etc.

    Now the primary thing in this selection of educational line is one's interest and aptitude and next comes the hard work and efforts one puts in the studies. Please remember that for the same level of efforts one will do better in the field of one's interest.

    If you have no particular interest you continue pursuing Pharmaceutical line as you have already completed D.Pharma. The drug industry is going to develop in a bigger platform day by day and definitely there are better opportunities in it.

    Knowledge is power.

  • If you are interested to have a pharma store by your own and earn a good money as well name in your area, the study of B.Pharm is good. Or if your interest comprising seva mind to serve in hospitals as pharmacists where we have to see types of people and you should have a good perseverance of meeting them.
    In case of otherwise the B.Sc and continued with M.Sc is good.

  • You can get government job with B.Pharm or B.Sc.
    If you are looking for job in Industry B.Pharm is the best option.There are many Pharma companies in india and Abroad.
    B.Sc alone will not help you to get job in Industry.M.Sc is mandatory to get job in most of the industries.
    If you want to become school teacher you can do B.Sc and then B.Ed.

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