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    What is the review of the film Padmavat

    Want to know the reviews of Padmavat? Looking out for information about the reviews from people after its release? Check out this page for your questions.

    What is review of the film Padmavat? The film was very much debated before its' final release. Many community & others were not willing for its' release. There were court orders for release of the film, and then also it got delayed release in many states. The true story was challenged by many followers of Rani Padamavati.
    Ultimately the film is released after removing many scenes which were objected. It got good response on its release. The actors & actress were also liked by the people.
    You may give your review for the film. The different reviews will help this type of movies to be release or not in future. Every review is of importance as it is a personal view of every common man.
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  • I have not seen the movie but I heard that the picture is good and not many controversies. But there is an article on ISC article section on this movie which is very well written. The URL is given below. You can refer and have an idea about the picture.

    always confident

  • I saw the movie, to be honest, I could not find many references that were worthy of all the drama and confusion that the film's pre-release generated. It was almost like an anti-climax but the film's name was on everybody's mind and thoughts.

    The movie is a brilliant piece of creation with the apt selection of characters. The narration and the pace of the movie are good, the graphics and VFX could have been better, but I say this after a quick comparison to Bhaubali 1 & 2. It may not be fair, however, many people who feel the same.

    The performances of the three lead roles are excellent. Shahid Kapoor has given a restrained performance as a noble and loving king, Deepika Padukone is brilliant in her portrayal of a brave queen, some of the jewelry could have been made more subtle. I personally feel Vidya Balan or a younger Tabu would have relished the role better. It's Ranveer Singh who steals the show by sinking his teeth into the villainous role of Khiji.
    As with any period dramas, the costumes and the sets are very meticulously executed with attention to detail.

    Overall a good one to watch, wherein like the many ancient kings who fight wars, here a war is fought for one man's desire for another woman.

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