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    What should be the Age criteria for class 10

    Want to know the exact age criteria for class X? wondering if there is a need to repeat UKG? Check out this page for advice from experts and decide further plan of action.

    My son is born on 26 April 2013. He will be going to 1st class in April this year. He will be 4y ears 11 months old when getting admission in 1st class.
    Will he be meeting the criteria for 10th class for CBSE board? Or should we go for repeat in UKG?
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  • The age for admission to class 10 is considered as 14 years as on 31st March of the year in which the student is applying for admission to class 10. This is a very general ruling and applicable all over the schools.

    In the case of your son you can admit him in class 1 next year (2019) so that he completes 14 years when he seeks admission in class 10.

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  • As per the rules from 2014-15, required an age limit 10 class is 14 years. A student should complete his 14 years till March of the year in which he is applying. This rule is applicable in all states included every board.
    You should admit your son in 1 class next year ie. 2019. Then he will not face any problem in future regarding age limit.

  • As per the SSC board directive, a student has to complete his 14th year by the 31st march of the year in which the student is appearing for the exam. In your case as per the information was given by you he will complete his 14th year by that time. so there is no necessity of repeating the UKG. It is unnecessarily pull back your son by one year,
    Even in some cases, the board will give exemption as per the recommendations of the school up to 6 months.

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  • As per our constitution elementary education (up to 8) must be completed in 14 years. It means in 10 standard he must be of 16 years.

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