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    Age eligiblity for LKG matric.

    Wondering about the right age for LKG matric? Looking out for the correct age here? Find ample advice from experts for your question on this page.

    My son was born on 08.08.2015. Is he is eligible for LKG this academic year? We plan to join him in a matric school.
    Some people are telling that 3 yrs need to be completed in May 2018. My son will complete 3yrs in August 2018. I need to join him in correct stage so that he will not suffer in 10th public.
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  • No worries. You can put him in LKG this year..By the time he completes his matric he will definitely completes his 14th year. That is sufficient for him to attend matric examination. So better go ahead and put him in LKG.

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  • Yes according to date of birth he will complete 3 years in Aug 2018. So you can take admission in LKG. There is no problem. Please consult the principal of the following school. Also, bring your children with you. You have to fill a form provided by the principal of the school. You have to submit the following documents at the time of admission. So, make ready the following documents:
    1. Certificate of Date of Births issued by a Municipal corporation or Nagar Panchayat
    2. Adhaar Card
    3. Bank Passbook
    4. Caste certificate if applicable
    5. Income certificate if applicable

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  • As your query is concerned I think your son is 2 years 8 months as of now. By June he will complete 2 years 10 months where he is eligible for pre - nursery. Because there is a rule that when a child comes to first standard he should have completed 5 years 10 months as on June 1st. So your son is eligible for nursery and for LKG is eligible next year. Right now they may do admission for your son but for first standard they may create problem so now you admit him for pre-nursery so that he will be of correct age even when he reaches 10th exam. Now every school is very strict about the age eligibility right from the LKG it self.
    Above all this your son is too young for LKG. Next academic year he is eligible for LKG.

  • CBSE allows a student to appear in Xth standard examination if he/she is above fourteen.

    According to the information furnished by you, your son will complete three years in August, 2018. So you can get in admitted in Lower Kindergarten during the coming academic year.

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  • The age of a student should be 14 years on 31st March of the year in which he is taking admission to class 10. This is a general guideline in schools.

    Following this rule, we can find out that the age of 5 years will be required for class 1 while the age of 3 and 4 years will be required for LKG and UKG respectively.

    So your child can be admitted to LKG next year. Time being you can put him in the nursery.

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  • Normally the child should sit for his/her 1 standard examination in his/her sixth year. The system of kinder garden everything came into vogue only to feasible the child from school fear but in due course the kg system become a mandatory and too expensive with much formalities. In many schools the children are not admitted if they were not met kinder garden studies. The schooling to the children should be at the age of understanding what the teacher says. Blindly if the children repeats the rhymes etc. in tender age may be joyful to the parents but later stage the children get practically fear over studies as many schools has over burdened subjects by keeping view of the kinder garden.

  • Generally, for admission to class 1 the child should have an age of 5 years. This also means that the student should be completing 15 years while passing out his class 10. These are the general stipulations followed in the schools.

    As your child has not completed 3 years he is not ready for LKG now. You can admit him in nursery class.

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