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    Details about CAstudies in USA

    Aspiring to study CA in USA? Searching for the list of universities and the detailed admission procedure? Scroll through this page and get suggestions from experts for your queries.

    I have completed my 12th standard and also passed CPT in India. But for some reasons I wanted to study CA in USA. Can you please tell me if it is possible, the process to study and where to study? Also I have already attempted IPCC one time in India and failed. Can you help me out with this?
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  • Just like Chartered Accountants (CA's) are granted a license to practice the profession of Accountancy & Taxation in India, similarly Certified Public Accountants (CPA) are granted the license to practice in the US. In some countries, these qualified accountants are called Chartered Accountants (CA's) and in some count, yes, these are called as Certified Public Accountants.
    To become a certified a public accountant, a candidate has to clear all the exams conducted by American Institute Of Certified Public Accountant(AICPA). Eligibility requirement varies from state to state. Exam for becoming a CPA is an online computer based exam held at more than 400 Center. The exam is conducted twice every quarter. Us CPA exam is a uniform exam in all states. It consists of 4 sections and each section focus on the understanding of fundamental principles and how to apply them in real life. The four subjects are:
    1. Auditing and Attestation (AUD) max time allotted are 4.5 hours.
    2. Business Environment and Concepts (BEC) max time allotted are 4 hours.
    3. Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) max time allotted are 3 hours.
    4. Regulation (REG) max time allotted are 2.5 hours.
    Each exam consists of Approx. 60% mcq and approx. 40% simulations. Candidate should score a minimum of 75% marks for passing exam.

  • You require a bachelor's degree to study abroad in the United States & become a chartered accountant. You also require an additional schooling to earn the CPA (certified public accountant) designation. This program is of two years duration to complete. It must be taken abroad, such as in Canada or England.They sometimes ask for work experience in accounting, in addition to a relevant undergraduate-level degree. Many learning institutions arrange internship programs for students with chartered accountants for additional on-the-job training. These countries may have different licensing requirements for chartered accountants. Licensure is acquired only after obtaining graduation from a formal, accredited educational institution.

    These chartered accountant training programs are advanced and they are designed to build upon previous coursework. They assume that the candidate will have some basic understanding of accounts. The syllabus may include auditing and assurance, business ethics, accounting analysis and financial reporting. Chartered accountants learn the modern and international taxation methodologies thoroughly and business laws.

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  • According to me the study in foreign countries should be kept in thought by people only those who are planning to settle in those countries. But mere studying in other countries and working or seeking job in another country is just waste of time as the practical application difficulty is high in such situations. Doing law in other country and practicing in India is highly difficult. In olden days Bar-at-Law they did because then Indian ruler and Indian Laws are based British country as they ruled our country. Doing CA etc., definitely has some chaos when doing doing practice in India after completing the course in other countries. Planning should be made by keeping the place of working or practicing should be done simultaneously with the study.

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