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    Document correction for job interview

    Is there a mismatch in names in any documents? worried about how to handle document verification for a government job? No worries, find advice form experts on this page.

    I have made a mistake in writing my father's name during the time of M.P registration. And since then in all my certificates and in adhaar card the name of my father is written wrongly. But the problem is that in my Voter ID card , caste certificate and in birth certificate the name is correct. Can you suggest me how to overcome this problem? And will this creates any problem in document verification during job interview?
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  • Are you claiming any reservation under caste category? Your caste certificate you have to produce for all jobs if you are claiming the reservation. Your birth certificate is not required as you already have your SSC certificate in which the father's name is mentioned. All documents should have correct father name. It is always safe to have them correctly. You may have to apply for correction through a local lawyer by making an affidavit. You contact a good lawyer in your area and ask him the procedure. He will guide you. Once the action is taken. Basing on that you can apply for correction in all other required documents. It is essential that all should have the same name.

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  • Its always better to have correct name in all your records that is voter card, aadhar card, birth certificate and your graduation certificates. Suppose if there is a mistake its better option to get it changed. Right now if you have applied for job and if your called for interview then while attending the interview just make that point clear and assure them that you will get it changed legally in records also. For your job interview it may not create problem but in future when you claim for any medical problems or any necessary documents you may face a problem. So once you complete your interview just change your father's name correctly in all the records by registering online or visiting your nearest taluk office to seek their assistance for correct procedure. When ever you request for change of name please attach a xerox copy of you father's correct name certificate it can be aadhar card, voter card etc. But it has to be attested by a gazetted officer for better clarification.
    Suppose in your interview they ask for the correct name then do an affidavit to submit the organisation.

  • will this create any problem in document verification during job interview?

    Yes, this would create problems with a Government job especially, after the first round of written exams. All online entires will need to be substantiated, Even if it is just a spelling mistake, please don't ignore, get it rectified. Nobody should have a problem at the time of job appointment because of some small errors.

    Can you suggest me how to overcome this problem?

    You have the correctly worded ID documents - Voter's Card, caste certificate and birth certificate which is a good start. Please check if there are other errors that you have not noticed yet.

    Please check your father's ID proofs with his correct name printed. Then approach a Notary, who would help you to get an affidavit stating your father's correct name. With this in hand, approach the local newspaper office in your areas, preferably one English, and one vernacular language daily. Publish the father's name correction and keep the originals with you.

    Now with these in hand, you can proceed to correct you certificates and Aadhar card.

    For Aadhar card, it can be done online or in the citizen helpdesks/ some government offices in your locality. The aadhaar website gives you the documents and the procedure for making corrections (name, address etc).

    Degree certificate.

    If your degree certificate also needs the name correction, you have to contact the university under which your degree was issued. There would be a prescribed format and payment to be done. This can be done in person or by post or online in some universities, please check your university website under the services section. If you are posting anything to university offices, please do it via registered post and keep following it up.

    12 and 10th marks card.

    Here again, you need to follow a similar procedure of submitting evidence of father's correct name. Please draft a letter mentioning the need for name correction, forward it via the principal of the school and college to the 10 and 12 state boards respectively.

    In case your document verification comes before you have these corrected certificates in hand, please explain the issue and show the evidence of posting to the offices and the efforts you have taken to get the name error corrected. They would accept it.

  • If there is a mismatch in the documents at the time of document verification then it becomes a problem and creates a lot of hassles and inconveniences.

    It is advised that all the certificates/ mark sheets and Aadhaar card are to be got corrected from the respective authorities. For getting them corrected the reference document of your father like his Aadhaar card or PAN card or Voter card will be required where his correct name is reflected.

    For name corrections in certificate/ mark sheets, the education board or university office is to be contacted and application for correction is to be lodged along with support documents.

    For Aadhar card correction either Aadhaar center or designated bank branch is to be visited.

    Meanwhile, you should consult a lawyer for preparing an affidavit where all the details of the certificates/ mark sheets are to be mentioned and the discrepancies to be brought out. This affidavit should be verified and counter signed by a first class magistrate. You can produce a copy of this affidavit to substantiate the anomaly in your incorrect documents especially at the time of document verification.

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  • Hi Priyanka,
    This is a very common problem that people asks here in this section. You have asked that will it create any problem? Yes, it will create a really problem in jobs especially for government jobs. Now a days for government jobs online applications are needed. The originals are verified only after you qualified in written exams in the time of interviews or personality test.
    You have questioned about what to do?
    You already has three documents where you have your father's name correct. First you have to make an affidavit in court stating that the correct name. A good lawyer will help you to do that. After that you have to give an advertisement in newspaper about the affidavit.
    You don't said that do your father's ID proofs had the correct name? Hope it contains correct spelling. Now give xerox copies of all the documents of your father and also a copy of the affidavit to the local Adhaar camp to change the wrong name to be correct.
    Then you have to correct your M. P admit card because it will be considered as the authentic age proof document in future and not your birth certificate is hence needed. For that you have to apply to the board/ council with the copy of affidavit, xerox copy of your birth certificate where the spelling is correct and also the xerox copy of voter ID card.
    The same process is applicable for changing the wrong name in M. P certificate H. S certificate and also in other educational documents where you have the wrong father's name by applying to the concerned authorities.
    Hope you got your answer now. But the process is little bit time consuming. So, meanwhile if you have any govt. Job interview carry all the original documents where you have correct father's name and also the affidavit paper. If they make any questions show them all and clearly explain the situation. Also request them to consider you.

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