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    Career options related to management for my son

    Interested to know about the career option for your ward after 12th? Check this page to know what best could be done from our ISC experts.

    My son is currently in class 12 Commerce with Maths. He has a good management skill. He is creative, hardworking and wants to pursue his career according to his skills. He is also good in logical works. Kindly tell me what career should he opt after 12th.
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  • After 12th let him get into any graduation course like B.Com or B.B.M or B.A. But please get into a very good institute and come out with a good credential. While he is doing his graduation he can get ready for the entrance examination into a good institute like IIM for M.B.A. Then he will get very good jobs in good organisations.
    Another option is getting into CA course. But it is more of finance job and whether your son is interested in that or not is to be decided by him. Any of these two options will be good for a good career for him.

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  • Your son is pursuing Commerce with Maths. It is a good combination if he continues to pursue Commerce in graduation and then apply for a bank job through combined entrance tests where his core knowledge will be very helpful in shaping his career in banking line.

    He can also pursue Mathematics and after Post Graduation try for a career in teaching line by qualifying in NET which is a national level eligibility test for appointment of lecturers in colleges and universities.

    As he is good in the logical analysis he can score in various entrance tests for various commercial and financial courses in reputed universities all across the country.

    Has he got interests in administrative line. If yes he can start preparing right now for the topmost exams like IAS.

    One of the crucial aspects in this pursuit of a career is - what is the interest and aptitude of your son. It is very important that he should be encouraged and motivated to progress ahead in his area of liking rather than what we have imposed on him. Please remember, parents are the facilitators only for their children. They should not force their perceptions of career-making on them. A person starts working hard and with efforts only in the areas of his interest.

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  • The combination with which your son is persuing would certainly enrich his knowledge in the commerce stream. Now there are two ways for perusal after completing class twelve. Either he can opt for BBM or can persue the degree of B.Com and later MBA in both the cases can be done through an established institution.
    Management - skill is a very crucial one in the sense that an aspirant has to acquire multiple skills such as right vision, to act promptly according to circumstances, alacrity in action and to understand the prevailing atmosphere and subsequent decision to be taken considering the overhaul situation.
    Familiarity with the commercial - aspects would help your son in understanding the accountancy if he chooses for Finance or Accountancy stream. Rest managerial - skill will be taught in the MBA classes.
    Your son must make an effort to qualify IMM or at least top B. Schools with the deligent preparation so as to be ranked as best Managent - master. Emoluments in that way would not be a constraint- factor.

  • As he is currently in 12 commerce and he is interested in management, you should advise him to take admission in BBA which is bachelor degree in management. BBA would be the best for MBA.
    During bachelor program, he can prepare for the MBA entrance whether it may be a CAT or a state level institute.

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  • You will have a clear idea about your son's potential after another three years, when he completes Graduation. As he has been studying Commerce in X+II standard, it would be desirable if he continues Commerce in Graduation. After Graduation, he can opt for CA or ICWA, or study M.Com or take admission in MBA in a reputed business school. He can also appear in different Government recruitment examinations after completion of Graduation.

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  • Your son can do BA Economics,B.Com,B.Sc Mathematics or Statistics from reputed colleges.These courses will help him to get admission in CA/ICWA,MBA or M.Sc,MCA,MA after graduation.
    My recommendation is B.Sc Maths or Statistics as these course will give more study options for him after graduation.B.Sc will be helpful in getting admission in CA/ICWA,MCA,MBA or M.Sc
    First concentrate on graduation and prepare for the entrance exam during the graduation ( CAT etc).After graduation based on his interest he can do CA/ICWA or MCA/MBA from reputed institute or university.

  • Its good that your son has opted for the Commerce with math in 12th standard. B.SC Mathematics is also one of the good option, later after completing B.SC then it can go to M.SC Mathematics and M.Phil or a P.h.d in Mathematics where there are best packages for the this career in the software industries also.

    The other option is to choose B.Com along with computers, that can also lead to M.Com, later with CA. One of the good options for a good carrier with excellent package or else start a Auditing firm of his own. There are careers for these in finance sectors also. Even there are also some software looking for C.A for their company's Audit.

    B.Com with M.B.A is also another option for a good career, but need management skills to make it more practical in the management studies, opting for a Top Business schools would fetch easy campus interview after securing best marks for the salary package.
    Logical reasoning,analytical skills are important for the interviews for the written exam and also for the oral exams Make these skills sharp so that highest marks in the interview will fetch highest salary package.

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