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    How advertisement in email newsletter works?

    Have a query about how one can earn from ads in email newsletter? Searching for detailed information here? On this Ask Expert page you can check out responses to yuor queries.

    I want to know how integrating advertisement in email newsletter works?
    How can I earn from putting ads in the newsletter? Want to know all about email advertisement networks.
    How much adnetworks pay per 1000 views? What is dedicated email? How much can I earn from dedicated emails?
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  • 1. Do reviews on your blog and mention how you are using the products for your business in a blog and then send the link to the post to your list.
    2. If you have a product to offer then send free content like reports, videos, etc., then to introduce your product/training program to the prosperous customers.
    3. Some companies will pay to send their offers to your customers.
    .4. You can add a paragraph to your emails that advertise a particular offer with a link to their website.
    5. When a new subscriber joins your list, they are sent to a thank you page that generally would ask them to check their email and confirm the subscription.

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