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    What do I have to do to play first class cricket?

    Aspiring to play first class cricket? Looking out for information about the eligibility criteria online? Find guidance from experts on this page.

    I am from Kolkata and 16 years old. I'm a left arm off spinner, left hand batsman and a well fielder also. I had joined practice for 6 months in 2016. But I left coaching for Boards examination. Now I want to build my career in cricket. I can bowl well, do good batting also and am a good fielder also. I have a height of 5 feet 6 inch. How can I play first class cricket as soon as possible?
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  • The best way is to join any cricket coaching centre near your place and get trained well. Simultaneously start playing in interschool, intercollege and interuniversity tournaments so that you will get exposed to competitions and you will be noticed by the state selection committee and you will get a chance to get selected in the State team for Ranji Matches and other Matches.
    You have to concentrate on practice matches and get well trained and you have to show your skill in the inter-college matches. Then only you will have better chances. It is very much dependent on your skills and practice. Try your best and good luck to you.

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  • Now, there is a good scope of being a cricketer in India but it is not easy. You have to struggle for it. You can become a cricket by remembering my following points:
    1. You have mentioned that you had left the coaching for your board examination. You have not mentioned which board examination high school or higher secondary school. If it is your high school board examination, then there are two years for you to joint school cricket team. Join this team and perform well. If it is your higher secondary examination, then next year you would be in college.
    2. In college, join the college cricket team, and perform well. This is a good platform to be limelight. You should remember great partnership between Sachin Tendulkar and Vinod Kambli in the inter-school competition. So, school and college cricket team provide you with a platform to show your talent.
    3. If there is a cricket club, join this club and go outside your town to play cricket. Club matches also play an important role in the selection of a player.
    4. Hire a good and experienced coach if you want to be a cricketer.
    5. Try to play as much as possible in the club and other levels for the selection in Indian cricket team.
    6. If you will play and perform better many companies will offer you to play for them like Mahindra, railways, etc. Play for them.
    7. There is a good platform for the selection in IPL if you play with the club and for different companies.
    So, opportunities never end. Go ahead and give your 100 percent.

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  • You are 16, have had some practice. For the details, you sound like you have the potential to be an all-rounder.

    1.First focus on improving and maintaining your fitness and agility. This is very important for present-day crickters, to have an edge over others.

    2.Have good professional advise on your nutrition that will give you proteins and good supplements.

    3.The two things are the basics if you intend on a career.While you start this, approach your last cricket club, college team or the coaching centre and start playing matches in the neighbourhood.

    4.With summer approaching many summer camps and training centres offering good focussed training. These may be a little expensive but for you at 16 with an eye on a cricketing career, this would be a good investment.

    5.After a short intense training, you would have improved your skills to make people notice you. Make videos of you best spin bowling that shows that you are a good turner of the ball, try to include variations, stumping deliveries etc. Also make videos of your agility in the field, chasing the ball, stopping a four etc. The same goes for your batting skills. Then you upload the video on youtube and share it in what's app groups.

    6.Then contact to the local coaches, additional coach or state cricket players etc. Keep trying and playing regularly and once you find the right person who recognises your potential, they would be able to help you get to the level of under-19. If you are talented and skilled you can even have a shot at the IPL in a few years.

    7.Be on the lookout for cricket talent hunt competitions, try and meet up with the local IPL teams. The season is just starting, try to get into any of your state IPL teams as a volunteer that would get you to rub shoulder with the right people in the game.

    8.Some examples for talent hunt (just got over)

    9.Some examples of training academies
    Please be careful with money and payments for these events

    10. Discuss with your parents and also don't forget your education. It is important to have at least a basic degree, to have a back-up plan.

  • From your narration, it appears that you have an aptitude for cricket and you want to make it as your career. It is a good thing to pursue one's interests whether it is academics or sports.

    Please note that the field of sports is equally competitive and difficult as that of academics. You have to put a lot of efforts and hard work in a sustained way to reach your goal. The earning potential of a good sportsman is very lucrative and if one is successful in carving out a career in this line it will be a great achievement.

    You can continue your basic education but be in touch or search some good cricket academy where you can get first class coaching of this sport as well as exposure to the intricacies. There are many good coaching centres in our country especially in big cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Jaipur, Chennai etc and you can surf the net to select an appropriate one which meets your expectations. You can join that cricket academy or coaching center after completing your class 12.

    The next step is to join some cricket club and start playing for it in all sort of matches whenever the opportunity comes. That is the place where your quality of playing will attract the attention of club managers and cricket authorities. The path to success and glory is a long and tedious one but with sustained efforts and dedication, one can get his dreams come true.

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