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    What are important things in refrigerator which increases its cost?

    Have a query about the cost of a refrigerator? wondering what increases its cost? On this Ask Expert page you can get resolution to your queries.

    Refrigerator cost increase when it's storage volume increases. But apart from that there are more things like Digital Inverter Compressor , dual fridge and Frost free etc. which impacts cost as well.
    Basically I wanted to know which Inverter technology good for electricity saving and which other parts to consider while purchasing refrigerator like warranty etc.
    Please do advise brand and volume of refrigerator. I am looking in between 250-400 Liter volume.
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  • Inverter Technology is the best technology available in market these days. This technology improves energy efficiency (electricity consumption). It also keeps the temperature more consistent thereby keeping food fresh for longer. It saves 20-40% of electricity as compared to regular compressors.
    There are some models of refrigerators in which an option is provided to convert the freezer to the refrigerator if and when you have more requirement of storage space in the refrigerator.
    There are a few variants available in the market depending on the brand concerned. LG Durachill has a feature of ensuring the coolness of the contents of the freezer for 2 hours during a power cut. Another variant, LG Power Cut Evercool is a step further. It keeps the contents of the fridge as well as the freezer cool for 7 hours during power cuts. The prices of these variants are higher than the regular ones.
    You can go for the one which will have more energy efficiency factor.

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  • Generally, the compressors consume the bulk of electricity in a refrigerator. If you place a warm container of foodstuff at room temperature into the fridge, the heat is taken off by hydrofluorocarbon that is compressed into the cool liquid form by the compressor. The traditional compressor is fashioned to manage peak load and multiple instances of opening and closing the fridge.
    With the introduction of the Inverter technology driven compressor, it results in power savings because the inverter works like an accelerator on a bike or a four-wheeler when speed is needed, it works more, when the need is less, it also slows down but does not shut down.

    The Samsung digital inverter compressor based models use around 45% less energy that the traditional one.
    The other good one is the LG smart Inverter refrigerator

    The other features to consider are
    side by side doors(like a traditional wardrobe) helps in less power use
    Check for the noise, inverter compressor-based ones are less noisy
    vegetables remain fresh when the fridge has a good moisture control.
    Look at the compartments including adjustable and the presence of rapid or quick freeze technology
    If you have toddlers at home, then you can check for a child lock.

  • Nowadays the efficient fridge available in the market are based on inverter technology in which the compressor does not off and on but keeps running less or more depending upon the demand of cooling that is related to outside temperature.

    With this technique the inverter type fridge in the market claim saving of electricity to the extent of 30 to 50%.

    Other feature is to look for the sealing capacity of the fridge. How much long it can keep cool inside is a very important parameter as in case of power cut the contents of fridge do not spoil fast.

    There are many companies offering fridge in the capacity of 250-400 ltrs equipped with inverter technology and are good for household purposes. They are a bit costly but good in performance.

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