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    Is it possible to pursue Masters while practising articleship?

    Have a query about pursuing Masters along with articleship? Searching for advice here? No worries, check out the suggestions from experts on this page.

    Im a B.Com graduate, now practising articleship and would take up exam in may 2019. At the same time I am interested to do regular Masters.
    So is it preferable to take up regular Masters with articleship?
    I am interested to do my Masters of Commerce in regular mode.
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  • You will cover most of the subjects of Post Graduation in your articleship itself. If you wish to do Master degree in commerce and doing means it is just to have a M.Com after your name but practically it wont help you.

  • I suggest you concentrate on articles and complete your CA at the earliest problem. Once you complete your CA you can easily complete your M.Com even by a private study or Distance Education programme. CA is more important for a better future than M.Com. So don't worry now about PG.

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  • Yes, you can take up your Masters provided you can manage the time to concentrate for both the exams. Most of the subjects you study in your articleship would be recurring in your masters.

  • You are now pursuing articleship. As far as I understand, it is a full-time job. So, it may not be possible to simultaneously pursue M.Com on a full-time basis. Furthermore, the articleship and study for CA are very taxing and require patience and hard work. It is very doubtful whether you can spare time for M.Com at this stage.

    However, if you are determined to pursue M.Com, you can take admission in IGNOU or any other UGC-approved university, to study M.Com in correspondence The M.Com. degree from IGNOU or any other Directorate of Distance Education of UGC-approved university has the same value as that of regular M.Com. degree. Otherwise, you can take admission in regular M.Com course after completion of C.A examination in 2019.

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  • Articleship is a fulltime commitment (if you are doing the 9 month or 15 month program). Doing a masters by regular mode will not be possible practically.
    Since you are interested in doing masters of commerce by 'regular' mode, you would have to wait and enroll after articleship.

    If you choose to consider the option of distance mode M.Com and you can manage both then look at options of M.Com by distance mode, the good institutions would include
    Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University
    Annamalai University
    Delhi University

  • By engaging articleship and further continuance of M.Com in a regular mode seem to be Herculean- task since both the jobs would be time consuming and strenuous ultimately.
    You need to take a practical decision by choosing the career of CA and this should be your first priority keeping in view of its demand in the present market. With your determined effort, you will crack this qualification finally. To take help from an established institute would certainly be helpful to gain this qualification at the earliest.
    Later, you should make an attempt to clear M.Com through Distance- mode considering your time - constraint. You can choose IGNOU or Annamalai University in this regard for their superior quality teachings and both are UGC recognised qualifications. You would not have any time - constraint in doing your regular job by taking up M.Com through distance mod by clearing up papers instalment - wise.

  • I hope you have not completed your Suppose if you have completed then only take up master's degree. Always completing three degrees at a time is not possible and also very stressful to our mind. In this regard, I would suggest you to first complete your b.Com along with practicing articleship. After you complete both by appearing exam you will know about the subject and the Syllabus about the subject. Then you will be able to judge whether master's degree will help you in future or not.
    Traveling in two boats will always sink. So it's better you travel in one boat to reach your destination. First, you complete your degrees which you are currently involved and meanwhile collect the information from your seniors who are doing master's right now in regular base.
    So that by the time you complete your previous degree you will be prepared for master degree admission or you may think better out of it.

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