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    How can I make customers enter into my shop ?

    Facing a problem in increasing customer entry in the shop? Looking out for advice here? Find suggestions and tips on this Ask Expert page.

    I own a small scale textiles shop. We kept small grill in the parking area of the road, so that customer can walk over
    the grill and come to our shop. The local traffic police are always ordering not to put grill in front of our shop by saying that: "this is parking area and shop keepers not allowed to keep any grill for entering into shop ".
    Now how can I make customers enter into my shop?
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  • Making grills in the parking area or roadside is definitely objectionable one by police or respective authorities. You can rent some shop according to your capacity initially and run your shop with good quality and 'normal' price. You should have pleasing approach with customers. You can note down the customers requirements if you do not possess the same with you on their asking and you can buy later or you can ask the customer to let him informed on arrival of the stock at your end. Later once customers increased you can start big size showroom. Likewise only many big show rooms are coming up. Wishes to you for a better growth.

  • The grilling put by you in the Parking area is highly objectionable in both administrative or Police - surveillance angles. There could have been different approaches in tackling such an issue.
    You can establish another shop in a crowded area of your town initially on the rent basis.
    You need to be a little bit tactful in your conversation so as to take the customers into confidence. Make a sufficient stocks of the clothes liked by the people of the different ages. Sell initially in some sort of discounts to attract them.
    With the progress of time, customers of different ages would flow city to your shop with your prudent planning.
    Keeping in view of your sales - Volume, you can shift your shop in some popular area with your independent- construction.

  • There is no right for you to occupy the land which is not belonging to you. Definitely, it will be a problem afterwards also. p you better remove the grill. The room in which you are keeping the stock can have a big door and you can put up a board showing the entrance to the shop. Otherwise, if you can convert the existing face by providing a grill door within your space can also be done. Otherwise, go for a reasonably good accommodation on rent or lease in a good place and start your business. Once the customers are happy with your quality and rate, they will definitely be coming to your shop. So initially concentrate on getting good quality material and try to offer the products at a lower price to the customers. Then your shop will become more famous. Even though you keep fewer margins if you sell more your profit will be on increase.

    always confident

  • This is common in many crowded parts of the city and town shopping streets.I have seen mnay shopkeeper do what you are doing, I've also seen people keeping slab stone or some traffic cones even. This would be illegal.

    1. You can try and have a chat with the local authorites to find a simple way around it. Instead of each shop blocking the parking slots, you can discuss in a group with the authorities so that you can have one entry point every 5 shops etc.

    2.People are attracted instantly to excellent displays, artistic folds of clothes and trendy designs. Try to make you shop window or the showcase eye-catching, it will attract attention.

    3.Have a pleasant manner shop assistant male/female who can encourage and invite customers to walk a few yards and then getting on the footpath. This happens a lot in our city.

    4.Offer decent discounts, maintain good quality and get a group of faviourite or regular customers for your shop. Once you cutivate a pool of regular customers, these clients would not mind walking a little extra to come into your shop.

    5.Have an effienceitn team led by you who will be good in converting window shoppers in actual customers who buy.

    6. Ensure that the customer expereince is second to none and people will spread the word around

    7.Customers like small gifts, like cloth shoppig bag, a purse or a key chain. Nothing great but help them to remember your shop.

    8. Try to keep unique items that are not available in the shops around you. Offer free alterations, discount on Chudihaar stitching etc.

    9. Now school season will start, try and approach schools for school uniform contracts, even if you get one or two, you will have a regular stream of customers. Try keep school bags etc too.

  • You cannot really avoid it and you need to just request people to leave some space so that passerby or customers can enter instead of using any grill. Though many vehicles are parked if you follow some techniques to attract customers to visit your shop. Customers would not mind to take little pain to visit your shop if you display some good trendy clothes with attractive prices on them or some offer board, isn't it?

    You can follow below techniques to attract customers to your shop

    1. Improve lighting of your shop both exterior and interior. This attracts lot of customer attention towards your shop.

    2. Display trendy clothes with attractive prices which customers.

    3. Give some small gifts to customers who purchases more material. Be polite and approachable to customers who visits your shop. This would help word of mouth business and recurrent purchase

    4. Have facility for stitching and alterations

    5. Use manneequins in front of the stores

    6.In the name board of the shop do mention the types of cloth available with you.

    7. Have variety to satisfy various needs to customer and one stop solutions for their clothing and accessory needs

  • You cannot forcefully and unilaterally occupy public space. However you also have a right to conduct your business as you pay various taxes related to the business.
    As you are intimated not to put a grill on public parking area, you have to remove it immediately.
    But you can try some possible alternatives without locking horns with authorities.

    First you can put up a board or placard inside your territory but clearly visible to all that " Kindly avoid parking in front of the shop". Employ a watch man to request and convince people to avoid parking in front of your shop. Generally people will comply as they also know about the inconveniences to others.

    In the meantime please observe how the same parking affects other shops in the vicinity. If they also have similar problems, you all join and approach authorities or your traders associations to take up with authorities to find a solution so that your business is not affected and parking also is allowed.You can also suggest practical solutions.
    By joining hands you a may even think of approaching the matter legally also for a redress.

  • This is a problem encountered by many shopkeepers, especially in the area, where the police and municipal authorities do not allow to keep grill or raised platforms in front of the shop in the parking bay.

    The parked vehicles will create hindrance to customers for entering in the shop and to tackle this problem you have to meet the municipal authorities to find out a solution. In many cities they will allow the vehicle to be parked on one side of road on even dates and in other side of road on odd dates. This may also help to some extent.

    It is true that if the shop view is obscured by the parked vehicles then the shop may lose some of the perspective customers.

    Of course other measures like bright illumination boards, advertisement posters, attractive modern dresses in the glass show cases etc will also help in attractive the customers to the shop. Time to time display of sale announcement say at 5 or 10% discount will also help in this objection.

    Knowledge is power.

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