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    How can I get a good job with a Korean language certificate

    Planning to study Korean language? Wondering about its job prospects and future? On this Ask Expert page get all the answers you are looking for and then opt for studying Korean language.

    I am pursuing a post graduate diploma course in marketing management from open/distance learning and have certificates of diploma in computer application and also English typing certificate. I was thinking of doing a certificate course in Korean language from Delhi University.
    What are the job prospects I can have with this?
    Will I get a good and well paid job ?
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  • It is good to have pleasure in learning languages. But the application should be there otherwise the wastage of time will be there. I did my diploma in Sanskrit but lost the touch because of lack of chance in speaking and regular reading of the language. But it helped me to do some typing work of my uncle's translation work on 'sundarakanta' from Sanskrit to Tamil. Similarly it is advised to you to learn as many languages of our India and is highly helpful to you to do translation work or language typing work from one to another as the chances are high even in your hometown. Universities and institutions are offering such foreign language courses to enable the students intending to go to the respective countries.

  • The Korean language course what you want to learn may not be very fetching for your career. But it may be useful to you if you want to go to Korea and start working there.You have a diploma in computer science, marketing management and typewriting. These qualifications are useful to you to get a job in the marketing department of any organisation. To have a better career in that line you should think of doing a PG course in marketing. It will enhance the scope for you to go up in your career. Of course, there is nothing wrong in doing any language for knowledge and skill development.

    always confident

  • Korean language knowledge will be helpful in getting job in Korea.Most of the Korean companies wont consider people with distance degree.They consider people with regular degree from good institute/university and good experience from reputed companies.For marketing jobs you should have good written and communication skills in Korean and experience ( over 4 years) from reputed companies

  • In the health care sector, there is always a need for an Interpreter or a Translator. Commonly I've seen the demand for Japanese and Arabic languages. Although not very common, but I have come across Korean language clients needing translation.

    Are you doing this for having an another degree or planning to emigrate or work as a marketing consultant or stay in Korea? If so, go ahead. If you are learning it for translation jobs, Please analyse the supply and demand for Korean language. If it's Japanese,German, I would say yes.

    The Jobs after foreign language proficiency is in the translation sector, interpretation needs in meetings and medical care, Emergency interpreter on call for international hotels, airports, MNCs that deal with clients from Korean etc. The next would be private tutors of Korean families in India or in Schools to help with education needs of Korean students.

    I would suggest talk to people in this field and a then decide. You can try contacting the hiring agencies who can give you a realistic idea of what is the scope, the pay and even other alternative languages.

    If you are learning a language for just the desire to learn, then go ahead.

  • In the international business and political environment, their is an important role of a translator or interpreter from one language to other. In that way there are career options associated with learning of a language.

    So the learning of Korean language will be useful for making a career in this field. Generally the vacancies for such jobs will be advertised by the corresponding embassy or consulate office or even big multinational companies having their business interests in Korea and India.

    There may not be a large number of job opportunities in this line but being a specialised job the chances of getting absorbed in the industry will be there. Only thing is one should have good control over the language and as well as over commercial and business terminology.

    Nowadays there are various conferences and bilateral meetings between India and Korea at many platforms and the services of translators or interpreters are required on regular or part time basis. One can try to get suitable assignments in those sessions also.

    Knowledge is power.

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