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  • OUD Tea and Agarwood Tea - What are the health benefits?

    Are you looking for information on the availability of OUD Tea in Dubai, UAE or like to learn in details about the health benefits of OUD tea. Follow this thread to learn about the OUDH tea and its benefits.

    Recently one of my friend who came from Dubai, UAE brought me a few packets of OUD Tea and talked about the health benefits of OUD Tea. I have heard a lot of green tea, lemon tea and have even read a lot about the health benefits of green tea. This is the first time I am hearing about OUD tea and agarwood tea. (I have a confusion whether OUD tea and Agarwood tea are the same.)

    Do anybody know the important health benefits of OUD Tea? Is it really tasty like the other normal tea?

    Also, please suggest a few places I can buy OUD tea in India. I can't depend on my friend to get these always.
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  • Oud, is a a perfume material that has a uqniue woody smell and is expensive. Oud is a product form the Agarwood tree (Aqularia). This tree is said to be commone in Southeast Asia.

    When the agarwood tree gets a mouldy parasite infection, it results in hte production of a dark,musky smelling resin. The wood and the resin are scarce and hence very expensive. This is used to produce some of the finest cologones and scents.

    It is recommend to used 2.5 gms of the tea leaves in hot water(95 degrees C) and leave it for 3-4 minutes. 100 gms of the OUD night tea is priced at 81 dollars. Agarwood is a natural detoxify and diuretic, it helps in stabilizing blood sugar levels and promotes good blood flow. Agarwood tea also flushes mercury from the body.

    If you can afford it, you can use it. Be careful about purchasing it from small time sellers, You cannot rely on them for the authenticity of the product. Agarwood can be substituted by common barks.

    Try this site, they do have a branch in Delhi. Please enquire if they can supply you.

  • OUD is an extraordinary oil harvested from the wood of infected Agarwood trees, OUD is very famous for its unrivalled aroma. The tea powder made by adding this oil for fragrance and other medicinal values is known OUD tea. This is not very popular in our country as costs it is on the higher side than other forms of Tea. I am not aware of any shop selling this product. But this product is having good medicinal benefits also.

    always confident

  • Oud tea is made out of the leaves of Aquilaria Malaccensis popularly known as Agar Tree. Its grown in Malaysia and is rich in minerals and antioxidant. Health benefits of this tea are mentioned below

    1. It helps to control blood pressure
    2. Reduces Cholesterol
    3. Helps improve blood circulation
    4. Improves sleep
    5. Helps in weight reduction
    6. Strengthens immune system
    7. Improves kidney function
    8. Increases glow in your skin
    9. Improves bowel movements
    10. Helps deal with stress and anxiety as it has relaxing properties
    11. Helps detoxify
    12. Improve sugar levels

    It can be taken hot or cold and it provides the same benefits listed above.

    You can purchase it from any nearest shopping mall, grocery stores. You ca try to look for it in online stores like Amazon,Flipkart or Ayurvedic Medical Stores.

  • OUD tea is made from Agar Tree. However this has not been popuar so far in India due to its prohibitive- cost and there are abundant cheaper brands of Green - teas available in our country having qualities to a lesser extent. The benifits derived from the OUD tea are listed below-
    1) It stabilises Blood - sugar level due to presence of antioxidant such as Polyphenol and other valuable elements.
    2) Controls Cholesterol.
    3) There would be proper detoxification of the liver.
    4) Obesity can be controlled due to enhanced metabolic - function.
    5) Kidney - function can improve due to lesser creatinine and BUN level.
    6) Blood pressure will improve due to the improvement of blood flow and potassium, magnesium present in the tree helps in restoration of normal pressure.
    7) Produces sound sleep due to elimination of stress.
    8) Due to improved function of liver, constipation can be removed.

  • There are many natural plants and trees which give the specific aroma of their own and some of them are used to mix in tea to give it the special flavor.

    Some of the examples are Tulsi(Basil), Ginger, Cardamom, Lemon etc. The wood and resin from Agar tree is also one of such ingredients. All these natural materials are full of health benefits in one way or other.

    The OUD tea being costly is not very popular in our country. We have other options and flavors available here which are also beneficial for the health.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Aquilaria is a fast-growing tropical forest tree that forms agarwood, widely seen throughout Southeast Asia. Agarwood tea is found in different parts of the globe in varied species and it is called differently in different regions.

    In South Asia, especially in India, Aquilaria Achalloga is found. A number of others are Aquilaria grandfolia, Aquilaria Chinensis etc. Agarwood is very light and fibrous. It is most suitable for making furniture ornamental boxes even for construction and carving. For thousands of years, Agarwood has been used for medicinal purposes in Ayurveda, because its medicinal property is unexplainable. The Health benefits of agarwood tea are popular nowadays.


    1. Calm Your Mind and Relieve Stress
    2. Manage your diabetes for life
    3. Weight Loss
    4. Insomnia
    5. Heal Arthritis
    6. Healthy and Disease free skin
    7. Heal Insomnia

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