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    How to start and establish a career in Tamil story writing?

    Interested in making a career in Tamil story writing? Looking out for advice here? On this Ask Expert page you will get ample advice for this career.

    I am a computer science engineering graduate and I am in a plan of switching career.
    I love to read stories and interested in forming a story based on a situation. So I am thinking of taking Tamil story writing as a career. But I don't know how to start and establish a career in it?
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  • Writing stories can be hobby initially. You have to write small stories and send them to various weeklies and a monthly journal. They will publish it in their journals and you will be given some remuneration.Initially, till you get established yourself you will not get very good remuneration and it will take a long time to you. The reason being publishing these stories in periodicals is not very easy and they prefer established writers. So initially you have to take up this work on a part-time basis and once your name is established you will get more enquiries and pots.Once you got a name and if you are writing regularly.

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  • 1.Having a passion or love for story writing is good but to transform it into a career is an uphill task.

    2.Please research and get a rough idea about the earning capabilities of such a career. Tamil story writing for magazines, for children's books, for weekly supplement, as a fiction novel author or a movie story writer. Please continue with your present job and start gathering information about the above.

    3.Writing a story, whatever language needs talent which will attract readers and publishers. Please start writing stories. Start a website or a blog and keep adding your stories regularly. The story should pay you.

    4.You need to find out what the readers want, what the publishers like, basically you need to have a story that you can sell and make money (

    5.There would be many small books that will help you in this endeavor. Check this in Tamil. Check out the best Tamil story authors, read their books and understand their approach. This link has the 10 best tamil authors (

    6.Shadilyan is a well known tamil novelist, know a little more about him and see if you can get ideas.(

    7.Start writing for the small but popular Tamil weekly magazines. Approach newspaper offices to help you start contributing for a sunday edition.

    8.You would need to use many contact and means to get you first opening,bringing out your first book, getting your first publisher etc. Also try and see if you can participate in some story writing contests and see that people notice you.

    9.Not to discourage you, give it a try but be prepared to have a backup plan if the writer option does not succeed (

  • You can make your career in Tamil story writing. You have done computer so type your story in the word file and save in pdf format. After making its pdf there are many scopes;
    1. Publish your own book and sell in the market. You will get Royalty for the lifetime.
    2. You can publish your book in a form of an e-book and can sell on different shopping sites. Flipkart, Amazon, etc will automatically advertise your book to the readers.
    3. There are some sites which publish attractive e-books on nominal charges, you can take the advantage of it.
    4. If you any publisher, directly contact him, he will see your story and can publish.
    5. I will suggest you make your site or blog and submit some stories there, people will be familiar with you and you would be able to recognise yourself as a good story writer. The reader will eagerly want to read your story.
    6. Publish your some story in local Tamil newspaper for advertisement purposes.
    So, these are some tips to make your career as Tamil story writer.

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  • Creativity and artistic aptitudes require a passion as well as a dedicated effort in the area of writing. Depending upon one's choice it could be in any language.

    The beginning is always humble and with continuous effort one can bring style and literary depth in one's writings. The commercial aspect is also important and one has to submit his writings to local periodicals, magazines, publishing houses, online portals etc for getting remuneration. No doubt, the field is very very competitive and there are many good writers in the market but with sustained efforts one can get his cherished dream fulfilled.

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