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    What are the best IT companies to apply for freshers in India?

    Planning to take up a job in an IT company? Searching for the best companies which are hiring freshers in this year? Check out this page and get answers to your questions.

    As my question says it all I want to know that which are the companies that are hiring freshers 2018?
    I am pursuing MCA VI semester i.e the internship period. I'm very much interested in coding and I need a really good package, overall I expect growth + good package. Can anyone suggest me some companies in which I can apply?
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  • Generally, good companies will come to famous institutes and conduct campus Interviews and select good candidates. If any company is coming to your college you can attend.
    In newspapers, some good companies will be calling for walk-in interviews. You can attend such interviews. Then you will stand better chances.
    If you know any employee of good IT company you can ask him to upload your BIODATA so that they may call you for a written test and interview.
    But by sending your BIODATA on your own may not have that much effect in good organisations. But you can try.

    The following Organisations are given below for your information.
    1. TCS (Tata Consultancy Services)
    3, Tech Mahindra
    4. Wipro
    6. HCL(Hindustan Computers Limited)
    7. IBM India.
    9. EMC
    10. Delite.

    There are some more companies also. You can try for any of these Organisations.

    always confident

  • Most of the IT companies recruit freshers through campus recruitment.So try to apply /attend the campus interview to get job.
    Very rarely MNCs hire freshers other than campus interview.
    If you didnt get job through campus interview dont expect "I need a really good package, overall I expect growth + good package" good package as per your expectation.
    Join in whichever company you get irrespective of salary and learn maximum in initial 3 to 4 years of your career and then move to bigger companies.
    Dont focus on salary,growth in beginning of your career and focus only on gaining good knowledge and experience which will help you to get good position and salary.
    Companies pay salary based on your knowledge and experience and growth is depending on your performance.
    In IT companies performance evaluation is very strict and if your performance is poor they will terminate you and in such conditions only your knowledge and experience will save you.

  • As an entrant one can see there are so many applicants for even a single post. Suppose there are 10 candidates for one post the chance one candidate will be 10 percent. So selecting a company for a post in case of fresher should not be made by the applicant instead joining in available company and gaining experience is suggestable. Such gained experience automatically fetch a suitable job in a big organisation. If one is waiting for a particular type of company, his/her waiting period swallow his/her age,later his/her age makes as crossed the age limit prescribed by the intended company. Moreover the company may be big or renowned but package may not suit to the entrant.

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