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    How to trace lost friends on face book.

    Interested in catching up with lost friends? Searching for how to connect with them on social media? Find suggestions from experts on this page.

    We generally keep on adding new friends and loosing old friends due to jobs, transfer, city change, college completion etc. If we look 10 years back, social media was not so effective. People were not connected on Facebook, whats app, twitter in India. I have lost many old friends. I want to trace and connect with them.
    How to reach to them via Facebook or whats app?
    I do not have any idea about them where are they now. Please through some light.
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  • I think it is possible on FaceBook or on Whats App. When you open your account on facebook on the Home Page, you will find a search column. You can type the name of the person in that. Then the persons who are all there on Facebook will be shown. Then you have to open the profile pages of all those members in the list one by one and based on the details given therein you can find out the details and contact them. Here the name you typed may be different from the name of your friend's account. So you have to type all possible names and try to get all the relevant names and identify the correct person. For example, the name of your Friend is NVRAM Rao. Your friend can open as Rama Rao or NV Rama Rao or NVR RAO or RAO. You have to search for all these names.
    In WhatsApp, you can try by creating a group by the year of your study and name of the college and add the names you know and you can ask them to add further names they know. Like this, you can try. I am able to get my old friends like this by creating a group in WhatsApp.

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  • Its quite easy actually. Go to search friends option in Facebook. Or find friends which you'll find in the menu tab of the Facebook homepage.
    There, use the institution you knew your friend from to filter the results.
    Now add location and the persons name to find better results.
    It's all too easy. Name is the thing you can never rely upon in Facebook. People keep changing names.
    But they probably added their job,education,birth date etc. ., while filling the basic info of their profile.

    It is that info that helps you find them.
    Hope you see your friends soon.
    Once you get hold of an old friend, tap into their friendlist to find other old friends.

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  • My suggestions are as under:-

    (a) Go to the search option on Facebook. Type the complete name of your lost friend. If your friend's name is unique, you will find the name quickly (as for example my name is unique because of my surname). However, there is possibility of finding many alternatives.

    (b) In that case, you have to check the profile photos of the alternatives and check those profiles which are similar to the p[ossible profile of your friend.

    (c) In some case, there may be no profile picture. In those cases, you have to open those profiles and check the available detail (especially the school, college, university or working place). I have found many friends on Facebook with whom I had lost contacts.

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