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    Best thermal cooker in Kerala

    Are you looking for the best thermal cookers in Kerala? Check out the list of best thermal cookers and the best brand in Kerala that make high-quality thermal cookers.

    Earlier I was planning to buy a pressure cooker as a gift to my wife but someone suggested me its better to buy a thermal cooker. I am not really familiar with thermal cookers. Whats the purpose of a thermal cooker? Is it a good gift for wife?

    Also, please suggest me the best thermal cookers available in Kerala. Cost is not a concern but I want the best quality thermal cooker. Please suggest me some good brands. How much will the thermal cookers in Kerala cost?
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  • Thermal cookers will have a vacuum insulated outer case and inside there will be some vessels. You can cook the food in the inside casings for some time and then you can transfer the inner casing to the outer casing so that it will retain the heat and get cooked further till it is cooked completely. In Kerala, you can contactTrinity Home Appliances India Private Limited, Marutharode, Palakkad, Kerala who are good sellers of various sizes of these cookers.

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  • Thermal cookers are useful in a different way than pressure cooker.

    Pressure cooker help in cooking fast and using less fuel too. It is the most suitable and practical way to cook items that take long time to get cooked softly and properly fast. It also helps to cook multiple recipe and menu simultaneously in one vessel itself, thus saving a lot of time.

    Thermal cooker on the other hand is suitable when there is sufficient time at hand but you want to save the fuel and also use the time for some other work. It works on the heat retained inside the vessel in the cooking medium. It is a slow and steady cooking. It is suitable to cook grains and dry wholesome pulses. Thermal cooking adds to the taste of cooking as the cooking is slow and in normal pressure not instantaneous by pressurising. As there is no high pressure applied, the food items do not lose shape nor lose their nutrition. Thermal cookers are safe too because they are not pressurised and you can open them at your will, and it will not burn your hands like steam from pressure cooker.

    But thermal cooker can be used for time saving also if properly planned.

    For example, the brown/red 'Matta' variety of rice, commonly used in Kerala needs a longtime for cooking under normal pressure. That will be a waste of fuel also. In Thermal cooker, it uses very less fuel as once the water-grain mixture is well boiled, it is allowed to remain in the thermal cooker with the internal heat by switching off oven/stove. The thermal cooker is opened after a few hours, and by then the rice would be well cooked for use. ( It is because of this reason that Thermal cookers are more popular in Kerala.)
    The timing can be adjusted by experience, and as per the item and our needs.

    So those who have to leave early in the morning can use thermal cooker to boil the rice at night before going to bed and turning off the gas/stove, keeping it so till they wake up next morning. On waking up the item will be properly cooked and properly warm for use.

    I had used 'Chakson Thermal Cooker'. It was useful to me as we were using the 'Matta' rice variety. Chakson is made and marketed by the 'Anna Aluminium Group' in Kerala. In local parlance Thermal cooker is also called "Choodaarapetty"or heat retaining box. You can get more details like cost etc in their web site : and search for 'choodarapetty'. or you can directly search for 'Chakson thermal cooker'.

  • Thermal cooker uses thermal insulation to retain heat and cook food without the continuous use of fuel. It consists of two stainless steel pots one within the other, inner pot is used to cook the food and the outer one retains the heat and continues the cooking process. Benefits of using thermal cooker are listed below

    1. It helps to cook brown rice, beans and lentils well which usually takes a long time to get cooked and become soft.
    2. It reduces the use of fuel and saves time
    3. Reduces smoke and grease buildup
    4. It's convenient to use
    5. Helps to retain the nutrients in the food

    Best Thermal Cooker brands are

    1. Panasonic
    2. Tayama
    3. Tiger
    4. Avalon Bay
    5. German Pool
    6. Max cook
    7. Nutrichef
    8. Chefman
    9. Royal Cook
    10. Vermicular
    11. Chertoff
    12. GFDesign
    13. Thermos

  • Before you buy any product that too when yr gifting it's better you know it better before explaining it to them. Some of the few basic features of the thermal pressure cooker.

    1) Cleaning the thermal pressure cooker is handy. There are no tricky corners to clean it.
    Inside the container is steel and very easy to clean with our regular dishwasher.

    2) Cooking time can be fixed. We can set the timer if we need to delay start the cooker.

    3)There is no whistling. The cooking is done quite an except its beeps at the end when cooking is done.

    4)When pressure is released there is no fluid leaking out. I mean to say its does leak like gas stove pressure cooker.

    5) The lid has safety locking features, Until the lid is properly locked we can't switch it on.

    6) Some particular models have grooves to rest the lid when sauteing.

    By using thermal cookers there are a lot of advantages provided we should know how to use it. Comparing both the cooker, thermal cooker is better for cleaning and fewer accidents by the cooker. But the only drawback is that it consumes heavy electricity and not very handy to get in use to everybody. You must read the manual thoroughly before using because each company has a different set of operations. Both the cookers will spare energy, time and vitamins. It's up to the individual to choose for their cooking.

    The popular thermal cooker brands that I have heard of are Chakson, Endo, Takahi, Tiger, Chef etc. The price varies as per the capacity you select.

  • What is Thermal Cooker
    Thermal cooker uses thermal insulation to retain heat and cooks food without continuous use of heat source. It uses straw or hay to insulate a cooking pot.

    Method of Cooking:
    It consists of two pots, inner pot which is filled with food and water and outer one retains the heat and continues cooking.

    Advantages of using Thermal Cooker:
    It minimizes fuel and energy use and also emission of Carbondioxide. It also saves water and keeps flavour and nutrients. It reduces smoke, grease buildup in kitchen and odor. And it is safer as it is spill proof and reduces injuries.

    Thermal Cookers brands in India:
    Some of the best thermal cooker brands in India are Avalon Bay, Panasonic, Tiger, Tayama, Chefman, Thermos, Max Cool, Nutrichef and Royal Cook.


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