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    What is the command to find history of desktop files/folder accessed?

    Do you want to find history of desktop activities? Searching for the commands in command prompt for this information? Here, you can go through the responses from experts and resolve your query.

    Through command prompt, is it possible to find all history of my desktop(Windows 7) activities such as folders and files accessed(Created/edited) other than internet browser history data ?
    Let me know the commands(command-prompt) to find those details, without installing any additional software for this?
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  • Control Panel Applet: File History
    Command: control /name Microsoft.FileHistory
    OS Version: 8
    Without any additional soft wear, you can try the above for getting the history.

    always confident

  • Hi Saravanan,

    I don't think you need to install any additional software to find the recently accessed files.

    Launch Run dialog window using the Keyboard shortcut Win + R and hit Enter
    It will open a Folder that lists all the recently accessed files on your System.

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