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    I want to know if learning Korean would help in my career

    Wondering whether to learn Korean language along with PG in Marketing Management? Looking out for advice? Find career guidance from experts for your questions here.

    Through the previous question I have not clearly mentioned about my education qualification though most of the suggestions I have got was helpful but I want some more suggestions for my decision.

    I have done B.Com in banking & insurance and after my graduation I am pursuing a Post Graduate diploma in Marketing management. So I was thinking of learning Korean language as I am interested in doing an MNC job and want to work in overseas also.
    Will this help me in getting a job in an MNC? What type of position will I get in a company with this qualifications? Lastly will my future be brighten up with this qualifications?
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  • I see that you're interested in Korean culture and prospects. You must then know that Korean people are very hospitable and welcome strangers heartily.
    Your learning Korean wouldn't go waste. In oriental Asian countries, East Asian countries, there is only one language used as a mode of communication, the mother tongue.
    Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, Philippines etc. ., print,write,speak,propagate and protect their mother tongue fiercely.
    So you ought to learn Korean to survive there.
    Or even to communicate with Korean clients effectively.

    I stated that Koreans fiercely defend their culture. In south Korea the market is flocked with domestic companies and goods. You must learn their ways then. Walmart couldnt withstand the competition. Can you ?
    South Korea imports most of it's stuff. Domestic market is mostly over electronic goods and sea riches. Hyundai and other automobile companies too make a large share of domestic mncs.

    Samsung electronics, Hyundai motors etc..; would recruit you even if you're an English speaker.
    So plan out your future correctly before leaving to an alien country.
    All the best.

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  • MNCs hire freshers from reputed institute.First you get good experience from reputed companies and then look for job in abroad.MNCs in Korea hires people from reputed institute or experience from reputed companies.
    Learning alone the Korean/foreign language wont help you.Your experience matter the most and Korean will be an additional advantage.
    First concentrate in your studies then try for job and gain good experience and then learn foreign languages and try for job abroad,
    Korean companies are very strict or performance and will terminate without notice if your performance is poor.

  • Once you complete your Post Graduate Diploma course in Marketing Management. Then you try to get into the marketing function of any good company in India and put up some service and show your potential. If you are able to get a job in an MNC, it will be useful to a request for a posting in a foreign country. They will accept if you acquire a good name as an intelligent and hard worker.I feel this is the best way to go for a foreign posting.
    If you are interested in the Korean language you can do a diploma in that language. This will be useful for you once you got a posting in Korea. Even without language diploma also with your English Language skills also you can get a job in Korea. But good experience in a good MNC is required for that.

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