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    Exports Documentation Under GST Regime.

    Interested in carrying out exports documentation under GST? Searching for the detailed procedure? On this ask Expert page you can find the various sets which are grouped for submission.

    Requesting for a real life preparation of Export Documents. For ex. the compulsory documents are listed below:
    1. The Commercial Invoice.
    2. The Packing List.
    3. ARE1
    Although there are other documents which are also required but the basic are the above.
    Now, I want to know the different sets that are grouped as per their roles afterwards. For example, one of the reason for arranging different sets is to apply for duty drawback. Accordingly one set is arranged for the accounts department & the another set is to sent to the HO for their records.

    Very humble request that I am not interested in any reference site or their contents here. That someone who already have worked in this field & well aware of the set & its role may please add to this.
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  • I have some information in this matter which may be useful for arriving at the process you are interested in.

    As a matter of fact, there is no GST to be shown in export invoice as GST on export is nil. If an exporter has paid GST or IGST in India on the goods to be exported then he can get that refunded after executing the export.

    In such cases, if the exporter has to pay IGST then he can submit an online bond explicitly mentioning the export invoice against which this bond is executed. After export he can cancel this bond. The export invoice must bring this process written on it. The advantage of the bond is that the exporter can replace the process of 'depositing IGST in advance and then taking the refund after the execution of export'.

    In addition to the Name and address of the recipient, the export invoice must contain the number and date of application for removal of goods for export (ARE-1).

    Knowledge is power.

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