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    Best school bags in Kerala

    Are you looking for the best school bags in Kerala? Follow this thread to learn about the most popular school bag brands in Kerala. Also finds reviews of popular brands like Scoobee Day school bags.

    My son's birthday is coming next week and I am looking for a good gift for him. What you think is the best gift for a school going child, who is 12 years old? I am thinking about buying a school bag. Is school bag a good choice as a gift?

    Please suggest:

    1. Which are the best school bags in Kerala?

    2. Should I buy a waterproof school bag? Are there any waterproof school bags available in Kerala?

    3. Which are the best school bag brands?

    4. Which material should I go for?

    5. What are the factors to consider while buying a school bag for small children?

    6. I have seen a lot of Ads for Scoobee Day bags. Is it a reliable brand?

    Please give your valuable suggestion and help me choose the best school bag for my child.
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  • I think we should be paying enough attention while choosing school bags for our kids. My friend had this incident where he ended up buying a fake school bag that had the name similar to a well-known brand. The salesman had somehow tricked him into buying this bag after a lot of bargaining. But the problems with this bag came out later after his son started carrying all the books in it to school. His son started developing swellings and pain at his back because of the bag straps. They were of poor quality and putting a lot of strain on the back. At least while choosing bags for kids, we need to look for quality, not price.

  • There are many school bag brands available in Kerala market. A lot of branded and unbranded bags are available nowadays. One of the best school bags in Kerala is ScooBee Day.

    Whenever we are buying a bag we must concentrate on the quality of the bag. Waterproof bag is used by a large number of people because of the advantage of the waterproof bag. The advantages of the waterproof bag are they keep away from moisture, humidity and rain not only that but also from dust particles. There are a lot of waterproof bags is available in Kerala. But one of the best waterproof school bag in Kerala is Scoobee Day brand.

    The raw materials of the bag are the next important thing. ScooBee day bag uses the high-quality raw materials. Many testing is done before it is sold to the customers. There are a lot of processes are included in it for checking the quality of the product.

    Some of the factors to be considered before buying the bags are pockets and organization, Material, Size, Bag Weight, Strap and Padding etc...All these features are there in ScooBee Day bags. I recommended ScooBee day bags as best School bag brand in Kerala.

  • It's a good idea of gifting a school bag to your kid on his birthday. The Summer holidays are approaching & after the school reopens the first and foremost thing a kid requires is a school bag. I have a sister she is in 8th, every year she asks for a new bag even if the old ones are good for use.

    Kids love to get a new bag, especially during the school reopening time. If you are buying a bag then you should buy a waterproof bag otherwise your kid will be in trouble during the rainy season. When I was a kid I remember when I went shopping with mom once I saw Scoobee day bags in one shop that we visited. I asked mom to purchase a Scoobee day bag for me but she was refusing, I screamed and cried standing at that public place and mom, at last, had to buy one for me.

    From me being a kid till now for my siblings, I still go for Scoobee day bags because Scoobee day bags have a wide range of designs and kids usually love printed bags of their favourite cartoon characters also material they use in Scoobee day bag is imported.

    The best school bag brand in Kerala which I personally feel comfortable for use of school children is Scoobee day bags also there is a 1-year guarantee if there are any defects bag can be replaced.

    So, I think you should buy your son a bag which every school going kids love to have and I feel Scoobee day is the best one, especially in Kerala.

    Advance Birthday wishes to your Son on my Behalf.

  • Whatever your child's age, Bags are the most important thing for a child. Hence, there are so many things to be noted before purchasing a bag. You don't want the bag itself to be too big, as it just adds to the weight your child has to carry. But some kids may prefer different types of bags for style purpose. A poor quality bags will almost certainly cause damage to your child's back and spine over time.

    The best material for the bag is ballistic nylon, cloth, leather, paper are also used. shoulder straps to help distribute weight equally and reduce the muscles strain risk and not to feel the weight.If your child is going to be carrying more weight, back padding and a waist belt are also comfortable for your kid. There are so many brands for bags among these scoobee day bags have greater approval. It's more comfortable and convenient even for little ones due to durable backpacks, long lasting, large load bearing appearance. Waterproof bags are the advanced type.

  • Definitely school bag is a good choice as a gift to a student of 12 years of age. I would suggest you to purchase a good quality school bag (preferably from Adidas or American Tourister). The bag should be sturdy and spacious enough to meet his requirements for at least three years. So far as colour of the bag, I would suggest such colour which does not look dirty quickly. Black or Dark green colour is advisable.

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  • Liviya polyester bags are the best no matter where you are for school bags.
    It has a 20-32 liter space in most cases. And almost all the variants are water-proof.They are highly fashionable.The brand is well known in and out of India.The most easily available bag too.

    But you're free to go for American Tourister or Skybags just because they're more costlier.
    The costlier stuff usually are better as gifts.
    They too have all features, just a bit compensation of space.
    I would personally recommend Liviya school bags. Polyester and nylon are water-proof.
    Always select those material.
    Any material less strong would collapse under weight of books. Or tears away easily.
    Space,water-proof,material and comfort are the stuff I look for in a bag.
    Liviya company solves all of them for me.
    Go for Liviya.

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  • Your son is just entering his teens. So he will have the interest to belong to the peer group . This is the time he will be starting to compare.
    Hence, I suggest that you take him also with you while going for purchase. He will be having an idea of what his friends are using or what they may be buying. You ask him to shortlist a few. From among those, you can convince him one with the optimum quality, price and look.

    It is okay if you can buy two bags at affordable prices rather than one bag with high cost. This is because the bag can become dirty and withered by use. So he may need to wash them and at those times he can use the spare bag,.
    The bag should be lightweight but strong and durable, should be of washable material. Should have sufficient partitions for keeping different types of items like texts, notebooks, pencil box, lunch/snack box and water bottle. Being in Kerala it should have provision to keep umbrella also.

    Scoobeeday is a popular local brand. But the children themselves wil have some idea from what they have seen with their friends or in advertisement. That is why I suggest take your son also with you when buying.

  • There are many good brands of school bags available in Kerala State. I liked the following four brands which are available online also and in various stationery shops on Kerala.
    1. Green Gold School Backpack, 16 inches, Mighty Raju, Rs.450/-
    2.Green Gold SChool Backpack, 16 inches Chotta Bheem, Rs450/-
    3.Barbie School Backpack, 14 inches, Squad pink Rs.750/-
    4.Minions School Backpack,16inces, Favourite Subject, Rs,950/-

    There are many other brands also. I suggest you take your kid with you and let him select the best one he likes within your budget.

    always confident

  • It is nice to read that you're worried about gifting your son. Advance birthday wishes to your son. As you have mentioned in the query that he is 12 years one of your idea of gifting school bag is a good idea. Basic points you need to remember while purchasing school bags:
    1) Don't buy huge bags which is very uncomfortable to carry to school.
    2) The school bag weight must be lightweight because after books it will have heavyweight.
    3) Don't buy bags which have trolley wheels because dragging bag to school is a very bad practice and showing disrespect to books.
    4) All the bags are waterproof nowadays, so no need to worry about this.
    5) It's better if it has two big compartments at back and two small compartments at the front.
    Many pockets may lead to confusion.
    6) Always buy a dark color bag because when children dirty it won't be highlighted soon. But still once in two months, you have to wash their school bags. Light color school bags become dirty in a week.
    7) Zip of the school bags must have two zip lock suppose if one fails then another one can be used.
    8) If bottle holder is not there its ok because the bottle holder net will not be so strong it will tear in a month. As it is now all children are carrying separate snacks bag including the bottle in it. Thus bottle holder in the bag is not mandatory.
    9) The school bag texture must be soft and strong. Because hard bags makes the children difficult to manage in schools suppose if they have lack bag keeping space.
    10) Check out the stitching of the bag. Pipe border bag stitching is not much preferred because suppose in between if the bag loses stitch then we can't get it restitched by the vendor in exact form. The original shape of the bag will be changed. Not only that pip stitching will break in a month if they use it continuously.
    11) Don't buy too much design bags or small games built bags which may distract your child when learning in school.
    12) The back bag belt must be narrow so that it should not slip from the shoulder every now and then, which irritates the child to carry their bag.
    Now the brand you can choose is Adidas, bata, wildcraft these companies have worldwide range demand for school bags and even for some range bags they give a warranty.

    As you have asked in your query other than bags what else gift can be given then it that case I would suggest you buy a gift which is helpful to your son in future like a bicycle, If he is writting in pen in school a very good pen.

    Suppose if he is interested in sports then you can buy a cricket kit, football kit, table tennis kit, Skating shoes etc whichever sport he is interested in.

  • 1. Which are the best school bags in Kerala?
    Most good durable brands have a national presence. So, you can buy it from a good shop order it from a well known site like amazon or flipkart etc. Also the concept of school bag only has changed to a school bag that will double up as a sports bag, day out bag etc. So, it's more of a multipurpose bag rather than a school bag only.

    2. Should I buy a waterproof school bag? Are there any waterproof school bags available in Kerala?
    Waterproof one's are always better. Traditionally waterproof ones had a lining of rubber earlier. Now its all synthetic.

    3. Which are the best school bag brands?

    a.Newera Polyester 40 litres waterproof ( red/navyblue). This has two bottle holders, has a padded back panel.It weighs around 400 gms, lightweight.

    b.Zwart Black and orange 35 liters

    c.Murano Durable Backpack with 3 Compartment School/College Backpack and 35Ltr Travel Backpack (T Green). Has shoulder pads, 1 year warranty.

    d.COSMUS Polyester 33 Ltr Grey & Red School Backpack. This is also waterproof, PU (polyurethane) coated outer fabirc and PO(polyolefin) coated inner lining.

    4. Which material should I go for?

    The material to look for is light weight nylon or polyester that has been coated with polyurethane. It should be comfortable yet strong and durable, most polypropylene fibers have these.

    5. What are the factors to consider while buying a school bag for small children?

    It should be trendy, vibrant yet not gaudy, colours should be chosen for boys would be black, navy blue or grey shades. It should have three basic compartments inside, two external zippered small compartments for putting extra items, two sturdy bottle holder compartments in the side, we use one for the folded umbrella for school.The shoulder belt/strap should be well padded with a adjustable sturdy buckle. avoid metal buckles.

    6. I have seen a lot of Ads for Scoobee Day bags. Is it a reliable brand?

    It is a good brand and the bag is made up of PVC coated polyester. This is sold under the Kitex lifestyle brand of Anna group. You can check it out (

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