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    Which novels are best suitable for improving English?

    Want to enhance your English language skills? Searching for the best books, novels and articles to do so? Scroll through this page and get ample suggestions from experts.

    To improve the English language skills, it is advised to read more and more stuff including books, novels or articles.
    I want to know which are the novels best suitable for improving the quality of English and fluency.
    Which authors are mostly preferred? Indian or foreign author for starting stage?
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  • To learn or improve English we have to first learn the grammar. To learn grammar Wren & Martin book is the best for grammar starters. You even get keys i,e separate book answers for the questions which will be given in Wren & Martin book. Now few general tips to improve English.
    1) Read simple English language books and try to understand in your own language which you're fluent in.
    2) Try to write small articles taking simple topics. Because once writing will make you perfect in that language.
    3) When writing English keep in mind about the grammar. Because grammar itself improves English well when spoken.
    4)Read newspaper like The Hindu which the best in English newspaper especially in the English language.
    5) Watch English spoken videos, not foreign ascent videos.
    6) Try to speak with your closed friends or family members who are fluent in English speaking.
    These are the basic tips for improving English. But according to your query novels which are written by OSHO is good for an adult because of a high-level language is used, for kids Small storybook like tinkle or any other book is fine.

  • A simple reading of novels for time pass may not give you a chance to improve your English. You have to study the books with a view to learning the subject. For this, you have to study sentence by sentence and each word you should understand. You have to keep a dictionary by the side of you and whenever you got a new word immediately you should know the meaning of that word. Then you have to try to construct 2 or 3 sentences of your own to remember that word. The best way is to Purchase daily newspaper"The Hindu". Read the Editorial and other articles in the paper. That will improve your English vocabulary tremendously. This is the best option than going for novels.
    Try to communicate with others in English. If for any particular word you don't know use a word from your mother tongue and then you refer the dictionary for getting the correct word.
    If you follow these points you will become a very good communicator in English

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  • Novels with good English are always good. But if the plot of the novel is good too, its two birds at one hit.
    There are always gateway stuff, that introduce a person to a genre. But some works are universally regarded the best.

    No novel captivates you like a thriller.
    "The count of Monte cristo" is this awesome, beautifully illustrated vengeance story.
    The English there's quite hard to understand thereby will influence your vocabulary.
    One more great suggestion would be another classic, "To kill a mockingbird". The book is in a simple English but the way of narration could teach us things about word formation.

    And the intriguing story will open up future novels for you.
    "Do Androids dream of electric sheep", is another fine example of a simple yet elusive language use.

    Pick up one of these selections and see if you are learning anything worth.

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  • Generally speaking, all the English novel-writers write much much better English than us. So, every novel, short story, drama, a poem would be able to develop our English. But, to have interest in the English novel, I would advise to start with novels written in comparatively simple English and with which we can easily co-relate. This means I am referring to Indian writers who write in English. Reading of novels would further develop the test and we will have our own set of favourite writers or preferred genres.

    If we go on reading English literature, with the passage of time, our level would definitely improve.

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  • Learning a language is a step by step process and the knowledge and vocabulary is gained gradually. Basic grammar must be learned before learning the subtleties of a language. It is true for all languages including English.

    To start with, children's story books are ideal for the purpose. Thereafter, one can read stories by the great writers like O. Henry, John Updike, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Stephen King etc. During this time it is suggested that the reader should note down the difficult words and find out their meaning so that next time he enjoys reading when they are encountered.

    Stories are generally for a short time reading and when this phase is successfully accomplished one can go for reading novels which require many reading stages to finish them. Novels will have bigger plots and will require continuity and concentration to complete reading.

    Some of the novels which are good for reading as well as increasing one's knowledge of the language are - Joy in the Morning by PG Wodehouse, Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe, Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift, The Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan, Clarissa by Samuel Richardson etc.

    Once a persons starts reading english novels he may start liking the works of a particular writer and like to read books by him more. This further increases the readers vocabulary as well as grasp of the language.

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  • In the initial stage of improving English, I will not recommend you read English Novels. First, you read simple magazines which are available to your nearest bookstall. I will recommend you to read Reader's Digest for improving English. You must watch English programmed on television. After improving by these steps start reading English Novel. English Novels are recommended for personal development.

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  • 1. It depends on your liking and passion for novels. If you love something then the enthusiasm and interest with which you would read would be more and hence would benefit you.

    2.As you choose novels, cultivate the habit of reading with increasing speed and then scanning. Over a period of time you will reach a stage wherein you will not read every word of the sentence but will get the meaning of it quickly.

    3.There are many novels that are page turners and difficult to put it down. There are also collection of short stories that can used by beginners.Also make a quick note of interesting words and phrases that are new and enhance the quality of your writing.

    4.For instance, there is a book by Jeffery Archer - A prisoner of Birth. In this two people of excellent human qualities are compared. The author describes them wonderfully with elegance - 'both are the same oaks but planted in different forests, each a prisoner of birth in his own sense'. I still remember this because I was impressed by this author.

    5.If you like crime dramas, I would suggest

    The Complete collection of Sherlock Holmes - Sir Authur Conan Doyle.
    The Alex cross series by James Patterson.

    6.If you like court room dramas and legal battles,
    then choose John Grisham series, he's the master story spinner in this class.

    7.If you like religious mysteries then you can choose
    Dan Brown series of books.

    8.For medical mysteries and fiction you can try
    Robin Cook and Eric Segal books.

    9.If you are into the occult and dark novels, then try reading Dean Koontz

    10.If you like raw justice and eye for an eye type of hero, the please read
    The Jack Reacher series by Lee Child, you'll love it

    11.The list would be endless, I would suggest, make a list of the best sellers of a few authors, start reading them and the list from above are all excellent works from authors who have a good command of the language and use many words and phrases that will be useful in broadening one's vocabulary.

  • It is simple to do everyday by reading english newspapers for enriching the application of words, vowels etc., Further by keeping a notebook or diary by the side when reading newspaper to note down unknown words and writing the meaning of such words by referring dictionary will enrich the vocabulary. This can be done even by sitting in library from where we can read variety of newspapers.

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