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    Documents verification for a govt job

    Planning to take up a government job? Worried about the name mismatch in marksheets? Find advice from experts here to resolve this issue.

    My name does not tally in my 10th and 12th marksheet.
    While in all other documents like aadhar card, PAN card, driving license etc. my name is mentioned correctly.
    Will this create any problem during document verification in govt. job in India?
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  • You can file an affidavit by consulting a local lawyer which will state that both the names in the certificates are yours. You will show the affidavit when the officials of documents verification ask you why names on the marksheets are different.
    Also, you can take the affidavit and go the Board offices from which you passed the 10th and 12th and ask them for name change.
    There's nothing to worry more.

  • You need not bother unnecessarily on this account. Yo need to have an affidavit of the first class magistrate who will endorse that the persons are no different and simply a mismatch has occurred but prior to that you will have to consult a lawyer for the necessary formalities.
    Once you get the affidavit duly signed by the magistrate, get the same published in the advertisement- column in both English News Paper and Local News Paper fo the wide circulation of the same.
    You need to preserve this advertisement to be produced at the later stage during the process of verification.

  • As per your doubt, you will have a problem in future not only in government job but also in any other jobs. If the surname is mistaken then it won't be a problem but the name itself having mistake will create a problem. Suppose if you're a student you have time to change your name. Otherwise, if you have applied for any job and waiting for the interview and worried about the name then you can make affidavit of your name for temporary procedures.
    If not in a hurry then you can write a letter to the board stating that there was a mistake in your name and you request to correct it. Along with the letter attach a xerox copy of the documents which you need to produce with attestation of an officer. You apply it online also to the board.
    This will take time for completion, meanwhile, if you need to submit your marks card to any organization then you get an affidavit along with legal advice. To know more about this check for the previous same type of queries in ISC which are answered by experts.

  • Any difference in the name will definitely create a problem if not today definitely tomorrow. So I advise you to get it done immediately. I don't understand why you have not corrected your name immediately after 10th class. More than two years passed. It is a mistake.
    Now you go and consult a good lawyer in your area. He will guide and help you to make the required affidavit in which it will be confirmed that you are the person with that name. Anyhow the lawyer will guide and do the needful. Once the affidavit is ready you have to give a notification to two newspapers and keep those paper cuttings with you. Then you can apply for name correction in your certificates by producing attested copies of the affidavit to SSC board and 12th Board through the res[ective institutes you have studied.

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  • Any mismatch in name in documents is a matter of concern as it leads a doubt and confusion in the minds of verifying officials regarding the credentials of the candidate.

    In such cases, it is the best thing to get the documents corrected from the source from where they are issued. In your case you have to approach the education board office and request them to correct your marksheet and issue the corrected one to you.

    For this, you have to make an application giving the details as well as supporting documents in favor of your correct name to them so that they can do the needful. It takes some time to get the corrected marksheet from them but it will solve the problem of embarrassment and inconvenience at the time of document verification.

    Alternatively, you can consult a lawyer for preparing an legal affidavit where all these discrepancies are mentioned and legally accepted and affirmed by you under the seal of a first class magistrate. You will have to produce and submit a copy of this affidavit wherever you are presenting your credentials for document verification.

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  • If there is a mismatch of the name in school mark sheet or certificate then the best course of action is to apply the education office or board for correction in it and issue the new corrected documents. You can find out the exact procedure for this in the school/ college office who will guide you the correct procedure to apply for the same.

    You may be asked to submit some authentic document supporting your correct name so please take your documents like Aadhaar card or Voter card etc where your name is correctly spelt.

    It is better to get these corrections in time so that you will not face any problem at the time of document verification for admission to courses or appointment to some vacancies either in Govt or private sector.

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  • 1. Yes, you will face various problems if the discrepancy is not corrected.

    2. First check in which documents the name is mentioned correctly.

    3. If the name is mentioned correctly in AADHAR and mentioned wrongly in Xth Board documents and XIIth Board documents, you are required to write a letter to the concerned Board(s) to correct the name. You are also required to submit a copy of AADHAR, Passport, PAN Card and a certificate from the Principal of your school (if you are a regular student).

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  • I'm glad that you have your other correct documents/cards. Name mismatch can be a potential issue during document verification at employment time.

    Apporach a lawyer/Notary in your region, get an affidavit done with your correct name without any mistakes. Once this is done, you need to approach the local offices of an English and a vernacular language newspaper, get the correct name published. With both the originals you need to draft a request letter stating the name change service you need.

    Then forward the request letter through the prinicpal of the school to the state (Xth) board along the old marksheet and get the updated one ready.

    A similar letter needs to be forwarded through the prinicpal of the college to the PU (XIIth) board.
    You would need to pay a small fee for the issue of the new marksheet.

    At some places the affidavit would not be mandatory, so you can check with administrative offices of the school and college.

    If you do have a caste certificate and intend to claim reservation etc, please do check that it is in order too.

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