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    Conducting Sumangali prarthana

    Have a query about conducting sumnagali prarthana? Looking out for advice regarding this ritual online? Find advice and guidance from experts for yuor queries.

    My husband's grandfather's brother's daughter in law expired this Sunday. She is a sumangali.
    We are supposed to observe 10 days sutak even though we are third generation? Can we perform Sumangali prarthana during last week of May 2018 since there is a wedding in our family in June? We see them very rarely and there has not been continuous touch with that family for almost two decades and only during last year we met them. Kindly enlighten.
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  • Generally, when a person expires his/her elder son will perform all the rituals and do the cremation. So the person who has done these activities and his wife will have the Sutak for one year. So they are not supposed to go to any temple or not supposed to perform any special functions.
    But for all the remaining the Sutak will be over by the 11th day. After the 11th day, everybody has to perform head bath and the gents are supposed to change their yagjyopaveetham. Then the will be normal and they can do all pujas and other programs as usual. There will not be any restriction after the 11th day.

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  • Sumangali prarthanai is a ritual followed in almost all families. It is done every year in some families and on the occasion of marriage or seemantham in the families. It is calling all persons died in the family as 'sumangali' to shower their grace on the entire family members. Though the aim is one the way of the ritual is vary according to the family practice. This is better to consult the family elders as well it is a duty to elders also to explain the need and practice of sumangali prarthanai to the daughter /sister in laws on their arrival. The same responsibility lies on the new comers to hear from elders.
    This can be done according to the capacity. An article came in 'vaitheegasri',a tamil religious magazine is attached

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  • The matter is of personal faith and facing the close relatives who may bring forth certain questions of compliance and tradition. There is an opinion that Sumangali Prarthanai cannot be conducted before the Abdeekam(first anniversary functions) of the departed. Many times there may be some exception clauses. There may be difference as per family traditions also.

    So what you have to do is ask the local/ family priest and get the doubt clarified. Consult those family elders who may matter to you i your family functions and rituals.

    It is better not to do anything with doubt and confusion.

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