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    How to keep Pigeons away from home terrace?

    Troubled by pigeons coming on the terrace? Wondering what to do to avoid them dirtying the terrace? No worries, go through the suggestions and advice from experts here.

    There are lot of pigeons in society area. Some of them have their nest where no one disturbs them. The problem is when they make the terrace dirty everyday. They poop on your dry clothes or even just washed ones. They also make the terrace railings whitish where you can not even put your hand on.
    Is there any way to keep the pigeons away from terrace?
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  • The best way to avoid pigeons is to restrict their entry in the balcony. For this pigeon net is required.

    Ordinary plastic/ nylon net is available in the market which is a net having design of 1 to 1-1/2 inch spacing rectangular holes and so it does not restrict the view of outside but is good for restricting the entry of pigeons.

    These nets are the cheap options and come in the rolls of sufficient width. Generally the fixing charges of these nets along with their cost ranges from Rs 15 to 20 per square feet.

    A small house, having two average balconies will require about 150 square feet incurring a total expenditure of around Rs 2500-3000.

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  • Entry of pigeons are not in any bodies hand as it find your place enough safety on their way, they start stay.
    Once they start stayed it is very difficult to drive and sentimentally it is a sin too. The eggs may fallen on floor ,their stomack-outs may spoil the floor and moreover it is said that the air from their will harm asthmatic patients if any in the house.
    So we can prevent by keeping nets over grills of balcony.

  • The Pigeons will have a fear for the owls. You will get many plastic owls on the market which are of life-size. What I suggest is purchase some 10 to 15 plastic owls and hang them on different parts of the terrace. By seeing these owls from a distance the pigeons will not come on to your terrace. Once they stop coming for some time, they will permanently go to another place and may not visit your terrace
    You can cut pieces of plastic carpet runner and glue them in such a way that the spike side will be at the top. The pigeons will not land on them as they won't stand on them as they hurt their feet.

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  • Pigeons are the modern day predators that are disguised as a innocent looking bird. These have replaced the crows and little birds that used to be around neighborhoods and apartment areas. It depends whether you are in an apartment or an individual house.

    1.Aviod feeding the birds in and around the apartment. It may sound insenstive but if you are a large apartment complex you will agree.

    2.Encourage the presence of other birds to be around the neighborhood, this can be done by having a planned in-expensive green cover, small bird feeders that the pigeons can't peck the grains form.

    3. There are pigeon alarm/pest alarms, you can try this.

    4. Most apartments go for anit-pigeon netting, based on the quality and the size, it lasts for around 2-3 years before it starts developing holes and become ineffective. If you choose this, then go for the white colours one rather than the dark green one which looks odd from the outside

    5.The cost of this is calucated on the area to be covered, the ease of access from the outside and the ease of fixing it. from the exterior.The next is also a very good option as it allows air and sunlight and important it discourages monkeys from barging into the kitchen or apartment living room via the open doors.

    6.This is good if it covers the entire open space. After this you can have plastic spikes that can be fixed with synthetic glue on the ledges and parapets in the vicinity of your windows and balconies.

    7. Some owners opt for a fine mesh slide door arrangement mounted on aluminium frames to cover the balconies. This prevents the mosquitoes and hence the pigoens, the drawback is that we cannot see much by standing in the balconies.

    8.There are also 'Ultrasonic bird repellents that produce a high frequency noise that is very annoying to these birds and humans can't hear it. Once the pigeons know the areas, then it starts avoiding the place. The drawback is some bird lovers would not approve it even though it is not physically harmful to the birds. It would drive off other birds too. It costs anywhere from 2,000-6,000 for individual/personal use sizes.

    9. If the place is really small and you do not want to install a net, then you can try distractions like decoy of predatory birds (pariah kites), a slippery spring like roll of rubber or plastic that can be entwined on the railings, this makes it difficult for the pigeons to perch or land. Some even find reflective hanging decor items or balloon, this reflect light on the birds that is annoying.

  • 1. Pigeon net is the best way to keep pigeons away from the terrace or balcony. But it is a costly option.
    2. The second best alternative is not to keep any morsel of food or foodgrain in the terrace or balcony.
    3. If possible, clear the pigeons' nest in the vicinity.
    4. If pigeons are assembled, then make firing sound to scare the pigeons. If it is done consecutively for seven days or more, the pigeons will stop assembling near the terrace or balcony.
    5. Keep a cat as a pet. It would definitely scare the pigeons away.

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  • Pigeons are very intelligent birds.
    Like everyone I too will suggest a pigeon net. But pigeons could be nesting anywhere. And their droppings might still escape the net. So scaring pegions can help a bit. Kites/balloons of hawks, eagles etc. .; can scare pegions but pegions are intelligent birds.
    Their sight is amazing. Use reflective mirrors or plates and as they reflect sunlight, the bedazzled pigeons will never enter your premise.Be a little cruel. Spray chilli all over the place.
    This would irritate it's nostrils and beaks.
    All above remedies are cheaper and must be used in a combination.
    Hope you get rid of those pegions.

    Prevent the supply of food to them . Prevent the nest material supply, by trimming grass nearby.Pegions in a huge flock would need a huge supply of food. By not feeding them, they'll leave for a better ground.

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  • I totally concur with the thread author's suffering by the nuisance of the pigeons.

    They almost make our daily life a hell . They dirty the place. They even scare away the other innocent and beneficial birds. If you forget to close your window or ventilator opening and be away for some time, then they enter the place,nest and lay eggs. They dirty the whole place with their droppings, ruined feathers etc. The sentiments of not to kill a budding life takes the toll and we suffer.
    The worst part is that if try to scare them away, they panic and in their panic hit on the glasses and walls and even injure and may bleed. In that case it will be still hard to drive them away.

    The main problem is there will be some people who encourage and feed the pigeons . They do not mind even their ten lakhs worth car is dirtied by the pigeons.

    The only way is to install 'bird's nets'. The nests are available easily. There are those made of thick threads like those used in go-downs where things are spread for sun drying. For windows and balconies there are ruber and plastic nets available which can be fastened by clips.

    I had used such a bird's nets in my flat windows and balcony.

    But for common space like terrace etc in a society, you have to place the matter in society meeting and get it ratified and sanctioned by the meeting/committee.

  • I faced the same problem a couple of years ago. They are simply annoying.
    We had no other choice, but had to put a close knit grill on the balconies to prevent them, as we didn't want to restrict the visibility of the balconies.
    the other option is the pigeon net, which is much more affordable and a portable solution, which can help you get rid of these annoying creatures. but that can reduce the airflow to the house.
    Hence there is another option, which you might have noticed in the old houses. That is a net of iron with larger gaps, but close enough to keep the pigeons away. This is affordable too, as you only need pecks to fix them on the walls of the balcony. This will maintain the airflow, light and visibility while prevent the pigeons from making a mess.

  • A few remedies will help in expelling the pigeons from our residence. Some of the points are listed below-
    1) We should fix up a meeting with our neighbours where we can deliberate in length how to avoid this menace and at the same time a final decision has to be taken by all the members living in that area that they would not feed the groups of pigeons at any cost and a rigid enforcement of such a regimen would help in controlling this menace. Pigeons are intelligent enough to sense the situation and there is every possibility that pigeons will leave the place once they are deprived of the food - grain.
    2) The other way would be to instal a net made up of plastic and is to fixed in the open areas of balconies for the prevention of their entries.
    3) Garlic works as a repellent for these birds and hence rubbing the walls of balcony at such points where they assemble would yield result. The same is repeated for a few days in order to get permanent solution.

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