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    Query about Mechanics Statics Forces acting at a point

    Are you stuck up in a mechanics statics forces problem? Looking out for a solution to calculating the forces acting at a point? Find the solution to yuor problem on this Ask Expert page.

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    Mechanics Statics Forces acting at a point
    In a triangle ABC, forces represented by AB, tanB and AC.tanC act along the sides AB and AC respectively. Show that the resultant is BC. tanB and tanC acts in the direction of the perpendicular from A and BC.
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  • Resultant of the triangle is equivalent to the summation of the two remaining sides. Geometrically it can be represented as vector BC = vector AB+Vector AC = BC tan B+ BC tanC= BC( tan B +tan C ), the forces will be acting in the direction of the perpendicular Aand BC. This phenomena is known as triangular of forces in statics and is a very useful theorem.

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