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    How to plan my future for teaching job

    Interested in taking up a teaching job? Searching for the ways to achieve this goal? Find suggestions and career guidance form experts on this page.

    I have completed my B-Tech in year 2017. I want to choose teaching as my profession.
    What should I do now to achieve my goal?
    What are the steps to reach to my goal but I don't want to waste one more year and at the same time I am not GATE qualified.
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  • Some private colleges are offering lecturer posts to B.Tech degree. You can join in that post and while working there as a lecturer you can do your M.Tech also on part time basis. Once you are qualified in the PG you will be eligible for UGC scales also. I think this is the best course of action.
    Another way to have a teaching career without wasting one more year is to join in any Polytechnic college as lecturer. They will give you good pay also and it will be useful for you to improve your subject. Even government polytechnic colleges are giving jobs to Ehgineering graduates on hourly basis. One my relative is working in the same mode.

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  • You will have to look around your town and see if any engineering college is located over there. You can look for such Engineering - colleges which are not very far off from your present place. Go and talk to the Principal of such colleges and with a brief interview with the Principal, you may get a teaching assignment in the same college. If you are sincere and loyal to your job, your job may may be made permanent as a lecturer.
    However, you have not to maintain a complacent attitude but think for the addition of a M.Tech degree even by distance mode such as IGNOU, Karnataka Open University, Andhra University etc and with your persuasive skill, you may have the M.Tech course in the same stream as opted in B.Tech. By doing so, your prospects in the same college will multiply and you may be placed with the UGC scale.
    The other option would be to join some coaching institute, where the students of class twelve have joined such institute for the clearance of Engineering - tests. If you are proficient in any one of the subjects mainly Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, you can make substantial bucks with your sincere involvement.

  • You have done B.Tech and now you want to know the opportunities in teaching line.

    As far as the teaching in high schools or secondary schools is considered, one has to acquire B.Ed qualification which is especially mandatory for Govt schools or colleges.

    In case one is reluctant to acquire B.Ed degree then the alternative course of action is to try to get a teaching job in some private college. Once you get experience for a few years you can switch to a better paying institution.

    Another aspect to be seen is can you afford to go for M.Tech in some specialized line as per your aptitude and interest. If yes, Then that can open an opportunity for you for applying for lecturership in some private college or you can appear for NET which is the gateway to an appointment for a lecturer in Govt degree or PG colleges.

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  • You have a B.Tech, no GATE and a career in teaching is your choice. No time to spare

    1.In this scenario, as a fresher your scope is limited. The traditional teaching jobs would need a M.Tech, good experience and GATE (can become instructors with good pay).

    2.You have to think outside the box and take a few chances. Try to apply for jobs that are offered by innovative or new firms that need teachers for their programs/education center. For instance, like these teaching jobs ( ( A few privative engineering institutions would offer a Lecturer job on contract or temporary basis, you can apply for this.

    3.There are many jobs for freshers, short-term that does not have a title of lecturer. They will have trainer, tutor, online support coordinator or even counselor. You can try these as a stop-gap arrangement.

    4.Once you are into this then quickly start doing your M.Tech. IGNOU, has M.Tech in 10 sub-specialties ( Enroute to your M.Tech you can decide your next course of action, taking GATE or other teaching relation exams.

    5.One such exam would be the National eligibility test (NET), this is like an alternative to GATE, gives you chances of scholarships, employment at UGC pay scales and a good shot at getting settled in a long-term career/job.

    6.From step three, if you want to pursue a job as a teacher in a government or a good private school, then you can choose a distance mode B.Tech from IGNOU or a UGC recognised university and then you can take up the national TGT exams(trained graduate teacher).

  • To become a teacher or assistant professor in engineering college at state level requires M.E. or M.Tech. and in central government level college like IIT or NIT require complete PhD at the time of interview. While private colleges can absorb person with B.Tech or B. E. for lecturer post. The same bachelor qualifications can be valid for polytechnic institute.

    If you have a time, you should first complete master degree in engineering from reputed college or university. This will increase the value of yours qualifications. GATE exam qualification is must for NIT or IIT level institutes. So, better focus on GATE examination and take admission to masters. By this qualification, you will become assistant professor in any college at state level institute.

    Going further, if you want to have faculty position in IIT or NIT, you immediately join the PhD college to pursue doctoral study.

    Do not spoil your chance by joining part time courses because of tremendous competition in engineering teaching positions. AICTE now taking all efforts to shutdown those college which are not fulfilling its criteria. Thus it becomes necessary to come out of crowd by having your masters or doctoral study.

    I have just completed my PhD from NIT Surat and very well know the current situation in teaching in engineering.

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  • 1. You have obtained B.Tech degree. You have not intimated your stream. You can join any private engineering college as a lecturer, but the pay in such colleges mushrooming all over India may not be good.
    2. You can appear in GATE and pursue M.Tech with a scholarship. There are some colleges which also admits students in M.Tech without scholarship under self-financing scheme. You can pursue M.Tech under the self-financing scheme and join as a lecturer in Government engineering colleges with UGC scale.
    3. In addition, you can teach in private institutes for various engineering entrance examinations. I have seen many B.Tech degree holders are earning handsomely by teaching in these private coaching institutes.

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  • You have two options.
    Option 1:Many private engineering colleges recruit lectures with B.Tech,so u can try and join these colleges.While working you can do part time M.Tech and then do PhD
    PHD is mandatory for becoming professor.
    Option 2:Join M.Tech this year.Many private colleges admit students without GATE.Select specialization based on your interest.
    After M.Tech join as lecturer and do part time PhD from IIT or NIT.PhD from top institutes ensure good salary and opportunities in abroad

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