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    Enquiry regarding admission in cricket academy

    Aspiring to become a cricketer? Looking out for the best cricket academy? Check out this Ask Expert page and get all the answers to achieve your aspirations.

    I am 21 year old. I want to join cricket academy. Is it possible for me to join the Academy or not?
    Does academy give admission to a 21 year old guy?
    I had keen interest in cricket from my childhood but due to some reason I failed to join the academy.
    But now I am sure about it and want to make future in cricket.
    Can you suggest me any good cricket academy?
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  • You are 21 years old, you are sure that you want to join a cricket academy and have a future in cricket.

    There is no age limit for learning cricket. Umesh Yadav, was 20 when he was asked to try leather ball cricket. Pravin Thambe played in Ranji trophy and IPL at the age of 41. So, if you have the passion, determination and the right guidance, you can do it. Cricket academies will have summer camps and training programs for various age groups.

    Start playing at the local club level, get in touch with your college or town teams and start playing matches. Meet players and coaches who are being groomed for Ranji trophy or who have already played at this level. Make the best of these chances to impress and learn from them.

    Hone your skills of batting, bowling and fielding, all rounders have a better chance in the short version of the game. Make videos that showcases your best batting techniques, inswingers or yokers, excellent stumping or athletic fielding. Refine these and keep posting them on social media.

    Look out for talent scouts and cricket talent open days, wherein you can perform and impress people who can lead you to the state and national teams.

    Now that the IPL is starting, approach your IPL team and become a fan( or at least enroll as a volunteer for the teams or the stadiums close to you. You can get a chance to rub shoulders with players, coaches, physios etc who can give you the crucial break.

    You can contact the cricket academy directly and enquire ( For instance Brijesh Patel Cricket Academy has eligiblity of candidates above the age of 6. You can approach such academies and enroll yourself.

    Focus on your fitness and diet regimen. You may need to think of enrolling into an elite cricket coaching school that has very good contacts with national and international players as you need to get trained and breaking quickly.

    Search for golden chances like this ( a cricket talent hunt open for the ages 13-30 years.Even if you do not succeed, you will get contacts, people who can help you achieve your goals.

  • If you have a real aptitude and passion for cricket then you can definitely put hard work and dedicated efforts in this direction to reach your dream goal.

    Please remember that every successful end result starts with a humble beginning. So you have to join some local cricket club or sports club where you can horn your skills and prove your mantle before you participate in club matches or district level matches or inter-regional matches where with your good sportsmanship you can get the attention of some team managers or club organisers who are expert in conducting matches under sponsorships and other processes.

    For getting exposure to the advanced skills of the game, one can join some good cricket academy which also gives an exposure to the top world of cricket and its associated commercial aspects.

    There are many good academies in India like Jaipur Cricket Academy, Jaipur, Karnataka Institute of Cricket, Bangalore, Sehwag Cricket Academy, Jhajjar, Madan Lal Cricket Academy, Delhi, National Cricket Academy, Bangalore etc.

    Knowledge is power.

  • You can join the academy at this age also. There is no problem. There are many academies in India and every state is having many learning schools. In Hyderabad our Ex-captain Mr Azaruddin is running an academy. Similarly, in every city, you will have schools. You can select the best one and join.

    always confident

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