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    Regarding my mistake in AP Postman and Mail Guard application

    Have you got a mistake in the application for the post of AP Postman and Mail Guard? Worried about how to handle document verification? Find guidance and advice from experts to solve this issue.

    While submitting my Andhra Pradesh Postman and Mail Guard application, I forgot to provide space in my father's name. Is it a problem for me during document verification? Can you help me to solve my problem?
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  • Though such negligence would not create problem during the verification process of the documents at the later stage but at the same time, you have to be little bit courteous by taking a step to intimate the same to the agency concerned.
    You have been provided the address and name of the personnel for the further correspondance. You should write a letter with a registered post in which the acknowledgment- receipt is to affixed. You will get back the Acknowledgment- receipt in due course where the signature of the receiving authority will appear.
    This will give the ocular proof of your responsibility in taking a corrective step in the event of lapse. Retain the same and the same may be produced during the process of verification of the documents.

  • Space between name and initials is a minor issue in online applications when compared to errors in date of birth and percentage of marks. Such events happen and this would help you to be careful next time you fill in an on line job application form.

    If you read the Instructions given for filing this application form, (
    Page5, number:12(e) and (q) . It is clearly stated that any changes WILL NOT BE entertained by the The Chief Postmaster General and can lead to disqualification, I would leave it alone since it is not a spelling mistake. Writing a letter to the office would amount to breaching the clear instructions given.

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  • When it comes to documentation any mistake, whatever small, is a mistake. One should be cautious in these things and submit the application only after double checking it.

    Anyway as the mistake appears to be of minor nature you should not be perturbed about it but keep your homework ready for the time of document verification. You must keep the correct document showing the name of your father along with other credentials for confirming the data at the time of document verification.

    At the time of document verification try to tell them beforehand that due to mistake the name has been so reflected in the application. They will immediately rectify it.

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  • It is a typographical mistake. So it may not get your prospects damage. You need not worry. But on the safer side what I suggest is
    1. Send a mail to the concerned person as per the website stating that you have done a typo mistake and you have forgotten to give space. But the proof uploaded while making the application will have the correct name and also attach a copy of the document which shows the name correctly.
    2. If still, you have time, you can try correcting the name by editing, if any option is there.
    3. When they call you for document verification, take all the documents in which your father's name is correctly mentioned.

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  • As it is a very minor typographical error, it does not create any problem. But to remain on safe side, you can write a letter to the examination-conducting authority intimating the error and giving documentary evidence in respect of the correct name of your father. It is preferable that you send the mail by Registered Post with Acknowledgement and keep the receipt carefully. You should carry the receipt at the time of document verification.

    I reiterate that such minor mistake will not create any major problem at the time of document verification.

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