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    Need help for very dry, rough and wavy hair

    Undergoing some issue with hair? Wondering how to remove dryness, roughness and waviness? Go through this page and understand whether hair straightening is a solution to redeem your personality?

    I am having the issue with my hair. It has become very dry, rough and wavy. No matter how many times I comb my hair, they become wavy and seriously weird in a minute or two. This issue is occurring for many months. I tried trimming the hair. I also wash my hair every day and shampoo it every week followed by conditioning. But nothing has worked. I want to make my hair to be normal again.
    I have heard that Hair straightening would be a good option but it may cause hair damage. Also some people advised me to avoid that. I don't how to cure them but I require the help urgently since such hair also affecting my personality in my office.
    Any helpful advice is highly appreciated.
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  • For your hair treatment, you should try home remedies. Following are the suggestions which you should try.
    1. Almond oil and egg
    Combine both until you get a smooth mixture.
    Divide your hair into two parts and apply the mixture. Wait for 30-40 minutes and wash your hair with regular shampoo.
    2. Avocado and yoghurt mask
    Mash the avocado and mix both ingredients to make a creamy paste. Part your hair and apply the mask for good 40 minutes.
    3. Apple cider vinegar
    Mix apple cider vinegar and water. Part your hair and apply the mixture. Wash your hair after 40 minutes.
    4. Aloe vera
    Apply aloe vera gel with any other ingredient.
    5. Hot oil massage
    You should massage your hair with hot oil. Oil will moisturize your hair and make them frizz free. You can apply argon oil, almond oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil and olive oil.
    6. Hair serum is also a good product for making your hair frizz free.
    7. You should try the chemical free shampoo. There are several brands who produce chemical-free shampoos.
    8. Try to avoid straighting and curling your hair. It will damage your hair. It's not a solution.
    9. Wash your hair less often.
    10. Wash your hair with cold water.
    11. Eat healthy food which will make your hair healthy.
    12. Drink plenty of water.
    Follow these tips and you will achieve your goal of healthy hair. All the best.

  • Hairs require proper handling for their upkeep and hygiene. Natural remedies are to be preferred rather than chemical or synthetic one.

    For good nourishment, hair are to be cleaned regularly and infections like dandruff are to be weeded out. For this the most common is washing hairs with gram flour and curd. It is one of the best rough medium to clean the hairs for dust and dandruff.

    Once the hair is cleaned then it can be washed with some honey-based light shampoo and after that some natural hair cream is to be applied to keep the hairs fixed in the desired shape. These treatments will help in avoiding dry and curly hair formation.

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  • Dry hair looks drab and unhealthy. Dry hair can lead to hair loss and dandruff. This is the reason we should treat dry hair at the earliest possible.
    Hair becomes dry when the hair does not absorb and retain sufficient moisture. It will make the hair brittle and lacklustre. The reasons for that may be illness or nutritional deficiencies. The other reasons may be the use of harsh hair products, washing the hair more, using chlorinated water for bathing, frequent use of hot hair dryers and use of synthetic hair dye.
    For preventing this one should take care of their hair in a proper way. One should use quality hair care products. Before continuously using we should test use and see the usability. One should take healthy diet. One should use correct suitable conditioners and use soft combs. In addition to these, there are many home remedies also for this.

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  • Regular application of shampoos etc., could also give such nature to the hairs. Avoid shampoo usage regularly and if you are very particular on using shampoo have at least once in a week. Making yourself accommodated to have an oil bath twice in a week (that is on Wednesday and Saturdays, if not particularly on Saturdays), that is applying sesame oil full over the body and by applying oil on the hair through fingers wholly. Soak yourself for half an hour and have a clean bath with soapnut powder or Shikakai soap (available in Godrej Products). Except on that oil bath days all days you apply good coconut oil before combing. You will have a good hair.

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