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    How to chose a mobile charger?

    Are you wondering how to choose the best and most efficient mobile charger? Looking out for the answers online? On this Ask Expert page do check out the responses for your queries.

    Nowadays there are various mobile chargers available in the market. Some of these chargers are comparatively costlier and some are very cheap. Some people say that we should not purchase cheap chargers because there are chances of a blast in these chargers. Moreover, these chargers don't charge properly and take a lot of time to completely charge a mobile.

    I would like to know whether the above opinion is correct or not. Are the cheap mobile chargers dangerous? Do such chargers take a lot of time to charge mobile phones and increase the electricity bill? How do I choose a good mobile charger for purchasing?
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  • As told by a mobile vendor as well a friend of mine it is better to have the charger which provided with the mobile on purchase. In case we lost or damaged the original one the charger of the make of mobile is to be bought. In emergency situation we can use the available but suitable charger for temporary use.

  • If you are going to purchase the mobile charger, remember the following things:
    1. Always try to purchase the mobile charger of same company of the smartphone.
    2. Always purchase the charger from the authorised agent of the company.
    3. See the out voltage of original charger, and then purchase new charger accordingly.
    4. Purchasing of the charger of the same company is not possible to your nearby area, then purchase a charger of a well-branded company like ERD.

    Honesty is the best policy.

  • There are many attractive and fancy mobile chargers in the market and online. People often go for the economical and featherweight ones. It doesn't always work.

    One of the basic rules is that the portable charger should have more capacity than the battery of the device or devices you carry around for instance mobile phones would need 2000 to 3000 mAh (iphone 6plus-2915 mAh), a small tab would need much more, so chose a charger that fits in the battery capacity of your gadgets.

    Buy a reputed brand or a branded accessory that belongs to the same parent company.

    Also know the rough charging time, a 1100 mAh battery takes around 1-1.5 hours if you connet it to the main/wall charger.

    Most people think that if a charger gets hot, it is of poor quality. Even the best charger will feel hot after a 6-10 hour charge time because while the AC is changed to DC for storage, the charger gives out 'waste heat'.

    You the original charging cord also to have the best results.Choose from a good brand ( MI power bank,Honor or Ambrane etc) for reputed/reliable sellers. So, if you buy a 11000 mAh mobile charger it would be worthwhile for a couple of phones.

  • While it is always better and preferable to use the same charge as the original one supplied along with the device, when it is not possible, compatible ones may be used.
    As the electronic devices are very slender at their ends, we should see that the charger end fits properly into the provided port/end in the device. It should not be loose nor should be very tight or needing push and pull heavily.
    When buying a charger we should see the input and output parameters written on the battery. The properly matching charger should be selected. Though a slight variation may not cause damage, that can cause variation in charging speed and time. However one should be careful and monitor when using the replacement charger initially . One should be alert for any abnormal heating or smell and sound.
    Nowadays the USB type chargers are more used. Their output is compatible and most popular brand chargers can be used for variety of devices. However i is always better to use chargers at a proper place and do not use the device when charging.If you find heating, then the charger may be used reversing the position of the plug pins to the socket. If in that position the heating i not there or less, that position only be used to charge.

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