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    Why banks unprocess online request for PAN registration, especially State Bank of India?

    Have a query about the PAN registrations done by banks online? Wondering why some banks unprocess the online request? Find the responses from experts here which can enable you to understand the reasons behind this PAN registration.

    Why banks unprocess online request for PAN registration , especially State Bank of India?
    Why do they refuse to process PAN registration request done online in net banking?
    I don't have time to visit bank.
    What can I do further against this bad attitude of bank?
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  • 1. As far as I know, PAN card is required to be produced at the time of opening of a bank account. This system is in vogue for at least last 12 years or more. If you are an account-holder of any bank, the copy of your PAN card is available with the bank.

    2. Nowadays AADHAR details can be uploaded online. If your AADHAR is linked with your PAN card, then there would be no separate requirement of linking PAN card separately.

    3. However, due to various administrative reasons, the bank may request you to submit original PAN card for re-verification. You should visit your bank branch and get the PAN card verified for your own convenience and security of your bank account.

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  • Most banks will insist of KYC documents, this has been in vogue and you would have at some point given the details because, without PAN you cannot have transaction or deposits of sizeable amounts.

    If you have been holding the account for sometime and have ingored the KYC updating requests from the bank, your account would have been labelled as KYC non-compliant/pending status.

    PAN needs to be verified, this may be the reason of the service being unprocessed. At times beyond money transactions, many other online services do not practically happen for various reasons, including lack of staff, end of financial year etc. It may just be an issue of lack of attention or long job queue waiting to be processed

    You can call up the bank directly or fill a KYC form and submit it or send it by registered post to the branch.(

    You can raise a complaint regarding failure to provide a service, at least in this way, your issue will get logged in and can be referred to if there is a complaint later on against you not providing PAN card details.(

  • The banks these days are insisting for PAN and Aadhaar linking with the account. All new accounts will be opened only after verifying these documents. But for the accounts already existing they are asking for linking the PAN and Aadhaar. But keeping the safety or correctness of the documents in mind banks want to verify the originals. Once we go and show our original PAN and Aadaar, they will enter the details and complete formality. As far as I know, one visit is a must for this. HDFC, ICICI and IDBI banks are deputing the contact manager for verification of the documents and attaching the xerox copies. He will take a snap in his mobile also. But Nationalised banks have the policy of calling the customers at least once to the bank for attaching the documents to the account.

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