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    Eligibility for 1st standard CBSE in Goa

    Planning for standard 1 admission in CBSE Board? Wondering what is the correct age for standard 10? Here, on this page you can read the responses from experts and understand if there is any age restriction.

    I am seeking admission for my daughter in standard 1. My daughter's DOB is 04-07-2012. Can she get admission for 1st standard CBSE Board in Goa. Will age be a problem when she reaches 10th standard?
    Currently the school principal says she has to repeat UKG because of age restriction.
    Can you advice about what is the correct age for standard 1 admission?
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  • The CBSE itself has not mandatory age guidelines. The student should satisfy the minimum age requirements of the state or union territory where the school is located. ( Most schools follow the state or the KV guidelines.

    Your daughter should be at least 5 years as of 31st March on the year you seek admission. Your daughter's DOB is 4th July 2012. So, she would be eligible. To take the 10th standard exams,the minimum age is 14 years.

    This is from one of the schools in Goa (
    You can contact the public relations unit of cbse (

    Please check with other schools in Goa apart from the one that you have enquired.

  • According to the constitution of India, the age of a student in the first standard is must be 6 years. Your kid will complete the age of 6 years on July 18. So, there is not any restriction of age limit in your case. Ask the principal, why he is not providing admission to 1 standard as your kid will complete the 6 years on July 18. There is no problem in your case.

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  • Your daughter has already completed her 5th Year and she is in her sixth year. So there should not be any problem for getting admitted to 1st standard. Probably the school you have approached may be having some other intentions in their mind. I suggest try another 2 or 3 schools and see their response. If anyone is ready to offer s seat to her, you can approach again the principal whom you have approached and get his clarification. Another point is that you can search the CBSE details through the web and send your concern regarding the age problem told by the school. They may do the needful. But again repeating UKG will make your child lose one year which is not advisable.

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