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    Information relating to BMM course after 12th Commerce

    Interested in joining the film line after doing BMM? Want to know if this course has any financial requirement? Find responses from experts on this page and decide how to achieve your dreams.

    I am currently in class 12th with Commerce and Maths. I want to opt for BMM course after 12. I belong to a middle class family.
    So kindly tell me the financial requirement in this course, specially if I want to go in film direction area.
    Is there any success after BMM course in film line?
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  • Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM) is a three year course that enables you to gain knowledge about all types of mass media including movies and television. Since you have finished 12th, please assess whether you have the aptitude for a career in film direction. Do you have the creativity, communication skills, good inter-personal skills?.

    Try and see if you can spend some time with movie or TV production units so that you can get a first hand expereince of what the careers means and needs. There are mnay TV/film intership jobs avaliable in India. Pleae register in linkedin
    ( While you are at the internship, try and gain more information about the life, realist chances and salary that you can expect, develop a group of useful friends and contacts that will come handy at a later date.

    If you do have it then go for it. First you need to do your BMM. Among the top colleges in India are

    Madras Christian College, Chennai (fees around Rs 45,000/year)
    Christ University, Bangalore (around 65-70 thousand/year).
    There are many colleges that you can choose form.
    Good Indian colleges for BMM- ( The fees ranges from Rs 20,000 to Rs 6 lakhs/year depending on the college.

    In your final year, start approaching the best TV and film production units in India to get a chance to work with assistant directors and move up the ladder. (

    List of good Government colleges - (

    Once you finish your internship, Start making innovative movies with your friends and keep fine tuning it.

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    Honesty is the best policy.

  • Bachelor of Mass Media is a three year degree course and is best suited for the youths interested to persue a course which will familiarise them with the different tools essential for grooming their personalities in the sphere of communication, inter- personnel skill and to nurture innovativeness. Joining a reputed institute will definitely enhance their skills since they would be offered plateforms where they would meet eminent TV and Film - artists and with their interaction, they would be familiar with the clues applicable in the Multimedias.
    One of such institute is Arena Institute Pune where the aspirants would get intensive training in Mass Media which will be ultimately helpful for their careers at the later stage. Fee - structure would be approximately one lakh twenty five thousand per year.
    The other institute located in Bengaluru known as Christ college of Multimedia is a coveted institute imparting education in multimedia. The fee - structure is modest - around seventy thousand per year but the infrastructure is excellent.
    These Institutions offer you chances of meeting best personalities in TV and Film - lines. On attaining your final year, start meeting the eminent personalities such as Film - directors, Asstt directors etc. You will have to develop your communication- skills to impress the different personalities with which you would come across.

  • BMM is a three years degree. Many Universities are offering this course.
    Once you have completed this course you can have many career options to start your career in various fields like Public relations, Social media and digital marketing, media planner, Ad agencies, journalists, TV and Cinema field and many more.
    You can also take additional courses while doing your degree or after, basing on your interest and aptitude, like acting, Cinematography, photography, editing of movies and anchoring so on and so forth. But these fields require special attention and dedication to excel.
    Coming to the financial part I feel it is better to select a good institute and get admitted. These days many banks are giving loans for education. Once you are through and start your career repayment is not a difficult issue.
    But a word of cautions, your aptitude and skills should match to the field you select.

    always confident

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