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    What is your view about Acupuncture treatment for diabetic?

    Are you curious to know about Acupuncture treatment for a diabetic? Check this page to know about it from our experts.

    I am a diabetic. Last month, when I went to my sisters house, She said,"Brother, An excellent doctor is available who treats diabetic without any medicines but only by tuning your nerves. My mother-in-law who used to take 5 to 8 tablets daily has left it for 40 days and she is feeling fine now. Why not you too consult him? He is available in this city only on Saturday."

    I spared my time to reach my sisters house on next Saturday to consult the doctor. The doctor is a middle aged guy with a small hand bag with a notebook and pen. He doesn't have a clinic or office or home. He has shared a finance company's office to deal with the cases. He arrived; I told my problem; He caught hold of my right hand and left hand wrist nerves for a while, and asked me whether I get good sleep and clear motion. I said," Sometimes I have sleeping problem and constipation." He said,"Don't worry. Your diabetic problem will be solved within few weeks." And he kept his finger on my right tow and held it for few seconds. Take my following advices - Avoid Milk; Avoid Maida; Avoid Sugar. Eat vegetables and fruits. When you feel hungry, Eat. When you feel thirsty, drink water. Don't take water unnecessarily. Contact me next Saturday. I asked the doctor what did you do with my toe. He said that he has stimulated the point to work. Then I came to know that he was an acupuncture specialist. He handed over a pamplet to read and understand as to how acupuncture works.

    Then I asked him to see my sister's problem. He attended her and did the same thing and rendered the same advice.

    I asked him for the fee. He said Rs.200 now, and Rs. 100/- for every consultation. I paid him Rs. 400/- and returned. I sincerely followed his advice for 10 days without milk, maida, & sugar.

    On the tenth day, when I checked up my sugar level (fasting) it showed 300. ( I always kept my blood sugar level under control) I was astonished, and when I contacted the doctor, he said that it would raise and fall to normal.

    Now I don't trust the doctor and his advice, and reverted to my normal medicine that I take to keep my sugar level in order.

    @ These days, many such Acupuncturist are doing business like this. Do you have any such experience. What is your view about acupuncture treatment for diabetic?
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  • I heard about acupuncture treatment and this is better for knee pains and joint pains etc. But not for diabetic problem. I think it is better to use regular medicine.
    These days myself and my wife are going for a treatment similar to this but known as Suzok which is also a treatment without any medicines but given good results for pains.

    always confident

  • I had the oppurtunity to go through your texts and in relation to cure of your elevated sugar - level by means of Accupunnture, I would offer you some tips for the improvement of Blood - sugar.
    1) Accupuncture is a therapy where some of the joints lying in the both the palms, wrists, toes, central part of the stomach is pressed a number of times roughly twenty times in a single operation while the patient is in the empty stomach. Such operations are repeated thrice or as per advice of the expert. Healing - mechanism lies within our metabolism and by pressing the nerves, we allow the nature to restore the existing disorder.
    2) Food - regimen is equally important. As far as possible, you have to discard sweets, Cow - milk, Butter, Ghee, Potatoes, Fried items in your food. Include Lemon, Garlic, Green - vegetables, Tomatoes and Cucumber.
    3) Regular brisk walking for thirty minutes in both morning and evening will help you in arresting the elevation of sugar - level.
    4) Manage your stress since stress is the root cause behind this disease.
    5) Believe in the Accupuncture and ultimately this will tone up your nerves but the consultant must be expert in his field. Ignore the recent hike in your blood sugar level and it will fall downwards within a few days after your engagement in Accupenture - system.

  • 1. Alternative medicine does work for many conditions like modern allopathic medicine. One needs to follow one stream and continue. Suspicion and doubts regarding a particular line of treatment will not help the patient. There are studies wherein 'placebo therapy' does have benefits ( just the trust that whatever inert pill is given will work).

    Accupuncture is an established branch of alternative medicine. In basic terams, disease state develops in humans due to alternations or distrubances of 'Qi' the flow of engery in human body. By accupunture, the engery is released and then it travels goes via the normal channels in buman body(meridians). By the needle puncture or electrical stimulation of a specific nerve results in postive effects via the neuro-haromonal pathways.

    In diabetes, it works by stimulating the focal points or nerve point and this enhances factors that reduce blood sugar and increase the manner in which insulin is secreted. There are studies that have reported that it is potentially helpful. Modern medicine considers it to be complementary. So, it is the patient's choice to have the belief and follow one or more of modalities of healing.

    You can check for the article related to acupuncture and diabetes mellitus on the internet.

  • There are two types of Medicine systems and therapies. First is modern science or allopathy which is successful in most of the cases except cancer or instantaneous deaths by heart stroke etc. The second type is like Homeopathy, Acupressure, Ayurveda, Naturopathy etc which are based on observation but not backed by scientific research.

    It is very difficult to say about the efficacy of the latter type because their success ratios are more of statistical nature and the doctors who are practicing them run to allopathy when they are under attack of a disease.

    Anyway my intention is not to condemn these alternative systems of the second category but the fact is that people have different notions and apprehensions about them. No one knows with sure how do they work. It is more of conjecturing then scientific logical analysis and knowledge base.

    If such therapies do not give results in a stipulated time frame then there is no point in continuing them.

    One thing which I want to add further is that many ailments can be managed simply by changing the lifestyle by taking proper foods and doing appropriate exercises. The alternative medicine systems may be redundant in such cases.

    Knowledge is power.

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