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    Lost SSLC & HSSLC certificates

    Still awaiting duplicates certificates from Boards? Searching for what should be further plan of action if yet the certificates are not received? On this page, find suggestions from experts.

    I have lost my both 10th & 12th Certificates and have already applied for CCM and Duplicates on 19th Dec'17.

    I have received my CCM via post from School Education Board. But there is no update till now regarding my application for duplicates.

    At school they asked to check at DEO office after 45 days. When the contactable person at DEO office confirmed that they didn't receive any application.

    Now I'm clue less. I have a copy of the application which I had submitted at School. Can anyone help me on how I need to track my application? What will be the next step I need to follow?

    Because of this delay I may loose my job and may be listed in black mark. Please suggest.
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  • What you do is contact the school where you have applied and inform that DEO office has not received your application and get the despatch details and with those details you approach the DEO office. If the school is not directly sending to DEO office and in between if they are sending it to MEO you approach their office. You have to personally go and follow up with the people.

    always confident

  • Thank you Mr. Srinivasa Rao Sir for you response and valuable suggest. I'll proceed as you mentioned. Thanks a lot

  • You would not lose your job because, you have the copy of the application that you had given to your school and the school has asked you to come after 45 days. Do you have any other fee receipts for the same service. DO you have an acknowledgement for the duplicate certificate request.

    Please meet one of the clerks or administartive officers or even the prinicipal in your school and request them to help you. They would have contacts from whom they can find out where your request letter and forms are. Are they in transit, misplaced (sometimes, third party/private firms provide despatch support to many public organisations).

    First find out whether your forms are still in the school itself or at the DEO office. Once your are certain that the forms are at the DEO office and not still at the school, approach the DEO staff in person and explain your situation and request to speed the process.

    In the meanwhile, if you at asked to show your documents, please explain your situation, where in the certificates are requested but now still in process. If the school has misplaced it, then ask for a letter to support this from the principal, you can use this in emergency situation while you re-apply for the service.

    At many of these offices (administrative office, school, district or mandal), there would be agents or knowledgeable staff who can help you, you just need to contact them in the appropriate manner.

  • Since you have a copy of application with you but you have to ensure that the copy under your possession should have any remark that the original has been received by the DEO authorities. Was it addressed to the office of DEO with an acknowledgement- coupon attached to the envelop and does the acknowledgment- slip received by you from there end contains signature of any administrative authority?
    Better, seek a help from the Principal of your school and again write an application to the Board to expedite the release of the Duplicate - certificates in order to avoid any harassment and in the same application secure a forwarding remark of the Principal and send the same to the office of the Board with the registered - post attached with an acknowledgement- slip to be signed by the receiving authority.

  • You have approach the necessary management 'in person' with the documents like your earlier application etc., rather than writing to them letters by letters. If you are delaying for correcting this, it may take time to the concerned school/college/university, in later stage, for tracing the records for correction. Without hesitation or laziness you please approach in person and get the things done.

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