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    Can I change my caste legally and what is the procedure?

    Planning for a love marriage? Want to know if it is possible to change to upper caste and the procedure to do so? On this page get to know the legal procedure to make the change.

    My caste is SC. I am going to marry a higher caste girl belonging to OBC Vanniyar. The girls parents 'do not agree to marriage to a lower caste boy. I want to change my caste SC to to OBC Vanniyar.
    Is it possible to change my caste? If yes what is the procedure?
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  • As far as caste is concerned as per the law once you marry a girl of other caste she will get converted to your caste. But not the other way round. Your children also be of your caste only. You can change the religion but not caste.
    You have yo convince the girl and she has to put pressure on their parents. Otherwise you may opt for marriage without the consent of her parents and slowly as the time passes her parents also get convinced.

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  • Changing from SC to OBC or change of religion for the sake of marriage is not legally feasible. (

    No one can stop you both from getting married provided both are of the legal age and by mutual consent.

    Caste change can be legally done only when someone is adopted or in special circumstances a child (born in an inter-caste marriage) at the age of 21 decides to opt for the other caste of the father or mother.

    What you can do is, continue with both your same castes, once a child is born, then you can choose to give him or her the SC caste that they can inherit from you.

  • In India, the caste of a male is determined by the caste of his family. The caste of his family is in turn determined by the family's traditional profession. So, the caste of a male can't be changed. The religion can be changed, but the caste can't be.

    On the other hand, the caste of a female is generally determined by virtue of her family's caste. Earlier, the marriage used to take place within the same caste. But nowadays, intercaste marriage is quite natural, at least in cities. In such cases (of inter-caste marriages), the bride acquires/adopts the groom's caste (but it is voluntary; the bride may also refuse the accept the groom's caste).

    So, in a nutshell, as a male, you can't change your own caste.

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  • You are in same boat like others. Nothing different.
    1. First of all understand marriage is just term for relationship but post marriage there are lot things to do. You and she has to suffer unhappiness of parents for lifetime. Think in way if you get married to girl now what? What is next?
    2. I would recommend instead of thinking change of cast , make yourself so much good position i.e. well earning and settled that girl's family can not deny you.
    3. If you succeed you get only caste change opportunity for your kids. So that they can live their life what you feel is good.

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  • You cannot change you caste. Your caste is rule by your birth. You can change your religion, not caste. There are a few options you can try, which have varied levels of success first just do constitution grants all the freedom by virtue choices one make, but choice caste is not yet made independent one's own discretion.
    If your parents belong to different castes then, on special circumstances, you have an option to choose b/w either one of their castes.

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