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    Wrongly mentioned certificate number in BSNL JAO examination

    Uncertain about the consequences of mentioning wrong particulars for recruitment of JAOs conducted by BSNL? Have a look at the suggestions by our experts to know waht to do.

    I have mentioned the wrong certificate while filling online application form of BSNL JAO Examination. Now I get a place in the merit list. Therefore the next procedure is for document verification. What should I do so that my candidature not cancelled by BSNL? Please reply fast so that I have some remedial options.
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  • Take your original certificates with you. When the verification process takes place tell them that it is a typographic mistake. If all other certificates and if all other facts are ok there may not be any problem.
    When did you notice this mistake. Why you have not taken corrective action immediately. These questions they may ask you. Get prepared to answer these questions without any doubt. Today you send a letter with a copy of your certificate stating that you have noticed the mistake today only.

    always confident

  • The Junior accountant officer exams of BSNL applications were accepted in October 201 and had the examinations on 5th November 2017. Now you are mentioning that a wrong certificate has been uploaded. What is this wrong certificate? Is it just the wrong certificate number of your graduation degree? Please check that you fulfill all the eligibility criteria for the application of the job ( cut off marks, caste and reservation if applicable and age).

    The advertisement clearly mentions that correspondance will not be entertained. Please try your best from you side to draft a covering letter, expalin the mistake that has come to your attention recently, apologise and keep the copies of the onlin eline application, the admit card and the merit list with your name.

    You can mail them by speedpost to

    R.K Tiwari,
    Assistnat General Manager ( Recuirtment - I)
    Recuritment branch
    BSNL corporate officer

    Once you post, then contact the BSNL recuirtment office and send a mail with the same details
    email to
    Helpline Number : 1800 419 2929 between - 9:30 AM to 6 PM
    Follow IVRS menu. select Option 7 in main menu followed by option 2 in the sub menu.

    IF you do not get any reply, keep the correct documents in hand and explain to the document verification officers about your mistake, apologize sincerely and convince them that it was a simple oversight from your side and not an attempt to submit false data.

    The attachment is regarding the eligibility criteria

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