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    A query related to Amazon affiliate marketing

    Interested to know about the Amazon-affiliated marketing system? Here are few inputs from our ISC experts and check this page to know about it.

    I am registered member of Amazon affiliate marketing system. I have recently got some commission. I just want to know is there any hidden condition that one has to affiliate Kindle ebooks (successful sell)also to be eligible for payment along with Rs. 1000 threshold?
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  • As far as my knowledge goes such condition is not there. Basing on the products sold through your blog or website through which you got affiliation, they will calculate the percentage as per the products and decide on the total amount. There is no special mention anywhere about Kindle e book.

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  • There is no hidden condition related to Kindle e books for the Amazon affiliate marking system.

    There is a fixed percentage for a particular product that would be paid out to you as part of your earning. However, a sale of a Kindle device and ebooks usually qualifies for a 10% earnings as adversiting fees.(, this list gives you the percentage you can expect and some product which gives a fixed 1% and some which do not give any earnings.

    You can check the complete reports on your earning which gives a detailed breakup of the traffic, revenue, and conversion rates from your site so that you can improve your earnings.(

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