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    Spelling mistake in father's name

    Will a minor mistake in caste and Marks-sheets while reflecting father's name affect in the process of verification at various stages? A usual doubt clarified many a time in this forum, yet makes confused to a new member. Let it be, check this page to know once again from our Experts.

    My father's name on my 10th mark-sheet is 'Pundalik' which is the correct one, but on caste and NCL certificate it is written as 'Pundlik'. Will it create a problem in verification? My all marks-sheets have correct spelling just caste, nationality certificate have different spelling with a difference of 'a' only.
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  • Your caste and non-creamy layer certificate have your father's name with a spelling mistake. What Nationality certificate you are referring to?

    With regards to the first query, it would an issue because the eligibility for applying and being granted a job would depend on these certificates. Most forms are filled in online and you would need to type in the correct name and why to risk a mismatch at the time of document verification.

    Please check your other records for other errors so that you can get the appropriate changes done in time. Verify father's Aadhaar card. Voters ID and PAN card so that it carries the correct spelling that you want. Approach the tehsildar or the appropriate authorities (

    You may be asked to produce a name correction affidavit. IF this is insisted, then please approach a lawyer or a Notary who will guide you regarding the procurement of this affidavit. After that, publish father's corrected name in English and a vernacular newspaper and keep both originals.
    Then submit the relevant form, the old certificate and the supporting documents of proof of identity and proof of residence so that you can get a new corrected caste/NCL certificate.

    Some state governments have this online, so please check whether this is applicable to you.Please keep the acknowledgment slips handy so that you if are due for the document verification, you can produce it and say that it's in process. Once you receive it, then do a final check that all the details in the new caste certificate are correct.

  • Your 10th mark sheet is having the correct name of your father. But there is a mistake in your caste and nationality certificates. These certificates are being issued by the state government authorities basing on the records and your application. So first of check the identity cards of your father like Voter ID, Aadhaar Card and PAN Card. If the name in those documents is similar to your 10th certificate, your work is easy. You can approach the concerned authority MRO through VAO and MDO. You have to submit a letter stating the mistake in the certificate. You have to attach copies of your father's aadhaar card and your 10th class certificate. The VAO will forward it to MDO with his comments and MDO will forward it to MRO. Then MRO will conduct the verification through his office and give you the corrected certificates. You may have to personally follow up the entire process and see that you will get your certificates at the earliest.

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  • 1. Please note that the name of your father as indicated in his AADHAR Card and PAN Card will be taken as his correct name.
    2. Now, check all the documents and see in which documents there are discrepancies in respect of your father's name.
    3. Your father will have to apply to the document-issuing authorities (separately to all of them) to issue revised documents indicating the correct name of your father.
    4. If the concerned authorities decline to issue the revised certificate, your father will have to sign an affidavit before a First Class Magistrate of the city where he resides indicating his correct name.
    5. He will have to issue similarly-worded classified advertisement in one English newspaper and in one Vernacular newspaper.
    6. The original affidavit and original advertisements are required to be preserved permanently.

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  • As in any organization,schools,government offices there may be chances of same name and initials,it is becoming necessary to differentiate the father's name is important. It is highly advised to get the certificate corrected. For this you have approach the necessary management 'in person' with the documents with correct name of your father rather than writing to them letters by letters. If you are delaying for correcting this, it may take time to the concerned school/college/university, in later stage, for tracing the records for correction.

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